Can a christian sing the blues?

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Can a Christian Sing the Blues? Damn fucking right.

I'm feeling angry. I've had it with this stupid goddamn growth process. I'm sick of the world reeling to and fro. I'm sick of crying every fucking day. I'm sick of small portions of light and glee and then the shutters come down. I'm sick of a faulty immune system. I'm sick of myself. I'm sick of God sitting on his hands.

I yelled at God last night in a sentence that included the word 'fuck'. I meant it, and I don't feel in the least bit apologetic about it, either (funny, I don't feel apologetic about being angry at him, but I do feel apologetic about feeling depressed. Hmm ...)

Thanks to Abmo at Windblown Hope for the link.

While I'm linking, I snorted/lamented my way through this excellently written piece of horror that documents a particularly creepy kooky American charismatic experience: Jesus Made Me Puke


  1. Oh that's just CRAZY. I'm a post-charismatic and that weirds me out, and I've seen some pretty weird stuff! Good grief!

    I love what Cyndi wrote about the business in Florida...that doesn't weird me so much, or wouldn't have 4 years ago, but now it just seems...humorous.

    So anyhow. I've cussed at God too. It's ok. Sometimes it's a good thing. He's OK with that.

  2. haha loved reading the Jesus Made me Puke piece. While laughing out loud at Matt's created stories of his clown Dad in a FIdgie the Whale suit, it's actually very very scary to know people fall for this so easily.
    Id like to read the rest of this guys book.

  3. Erin - I've heard a bit about what's going on in Florida but not much. Which Cyndi are you referring to? It's funny isn't it how when you get some distance away from it, it can seem humorous?

    I'm glad he's okay with us cussing at him, 'cause I sure am.

    Andi - Yeah, that made me laugh out loud too, that fabricated story :) I'd like to read the book too. Sounds good, if distressing :)

  4. Oh. Cynthia Clack. Anyhow, yeah there's this *outpouring* thing going on in Florida like the Toronto Blessing thing from a few years back. *Gag*.

  5. Something prophetic on the Simpsons the other night, speaking of America and Jesus...

    The sign out front of the First Church of Springfield reads...

    "Jesus - the REAL American Idol."

    noice one eh?

  6. Erin - ah, gag indeed. If God is gonna pour himself out, it's gonna be out on the streets for everyone, not just for middle class white rich Westerners. Fuck.

    Monk - noice indeed :) Do you think the people in Florida would get it, or would it go right over their heads?


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