In the white room

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Sorry about the depressing poetry but you know *shrugs* Can't be shiny and happy all the time now, can we? (Not even, it seems, for part of the time lately)

Her white room
Has no words
Just whitewashed
Concrete walls

No pleading
Nor beseeching
Just numb tears
From a numb numb soul

That doesn't even know
For what it weeps anymore
Or how to speak it
Even if it could.

And she thinks how it is
That decades could pass
Until one day she only feels safe
If the door is frozen shut.


  1. ...still there is something pure and fresh about "white"...doves, angel wings, fresh snow, clouds...

    wishing you safety with the door cracked open just a bit.

  2. Shiny and happy is overrated. Yet, we still have to peek out from time to time.

  3. The psalms are more than two thirds lament... poetry gets to the heart =of things... why should you apologise

  4. Lucy - thank you, dear :) I don't really think I'm gonna freeze the door shut ... well, only sometimes. Then I change my mind (I love fresh air too much)

    Erin - yes. I need to learn to peek out more, in bad habits

    Josh - I apologise because writing depressive suicidal poetry and baring my soul doesn't fit too well into my "Be strong at all times" paradigm

  5. Praying that God will send you some ravens in the dessert.

  6. Hmm... I have lived with the "be strong at all times" paradigm, myself. It is overrated. :-)

    Hmm... even though it feels like it, you do not weep alone...

    God's peace to you in the middle of the tears - fears - weariness.

  7. Jennifer - me too. That sounds really cool and gothic. Hopefully they'll spirit me away to live in a rock crag for 2 months where I can have Julianic visions and then return to the world with a story to tell and some excitement to have.

    Or something. Thanks

    Katherine - Be strong at all times sucks major arse and, to be honest, I wish the whole goddamn paradigm would sizzle up and die. Thanks


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