Friday 9 May 2008

Apparently this blog is really creepy. You shouldn't read any further or you'll be swept away on the wings of demonic delusion.

Once upon a time I would have got all bent out of shape over something like this. I would have made some kind of scathing comment over on that forum to set them straight, to prove myself, or whatever. And I just don't feel the need to do that anymore. It's quite refreshing.

I understand where the people on that forum are coming from. I once thought the same way. And if the me future came onto that forum and tried to convince the me past to see my point of view, it wouldn't wash. Just the same as if the me past came onto another forum and tried to convince the me future.

I'm not saying that the me now is an improvement on the me old, but I can certainly say that I have matured in my faith. I believe things now that I would have balked at once, and the people on this forum believe, from their viewpoint, that I am a crackpot. Perhaps I am. I sure feel like one. I'm sure I have some really full-on skewed ideas about God. But I'm pretty sure that they do too. I don't need to try to convince them that I am right and they are wrong, because I have never once been convinced by someone on a forum coming in with the aim to prove that they are right and I am wrong. I can smell it from miles away and it makes my giant inner teenager refuse to hear anything that is said.

Anyway, there is enough fear and trembling involved in working out my own salvation without trying to force people I don't even know and will never talk to again into my view.

Anyway, I kinda like being really creepy :)

(I was just thinking that the best response to something like that would be just letting it slide, rather than writing a blog post about it. But hey, this is better than the response I would have made 10 years ago. I would have been on there in a flash, saying nasty things to them. So you know, have to put everything in context. I've actually come a long way.

Whereas Erin, she's just a useless polytheist :)


  1. What grieves me is the fear-driven world some people seem to inhabit. Just recently I had someone who was convinced the Tau Cross I wear round my neck all the time was an occult symbol... I did explain, but I'm not sure he was convinced.

    I'd hate to live in a world where demons lurked around every corner, just waiting for Christians to step out of their "zones of protection" and where if they did, there wasn't a thing God could do to help them. Come to think of it, I'd hate to have a God like that, made in the image of my own insecurities!

    You keep on keeping on, Sue, you're doing all right...

    Blessings & things


  2. Mike. Yes, I would hate living in a world like that too. But then, I suppose these people are doing what they are seeing to do at this stage of their journey. They are bringing all they have to the table, to quote from The Shack. If I was a better person I would have just left them to it :)

    Thanks, Mike. Blessings back.

  3. Some of the nicest people I know are polytheists. I'm not, but I'm not insulted by being called one, either. I wonder how many polytheists these people actually know?

    (Oops, is that statement going to draw all kinds of creepy search hits to your blog? If so, I'm sorry. Not.)

    Seriously. I agree wit'ya. I used to be there too, and it's useless to argue. I used to live in a world where there were demons around every corner. Just waiting for me to step out from under my covering and pounce on me. Grrr....

    But good to have a laugh over.

  4. There is no reasoning with fear, and they are certainly rooted in it. To be afraid of a book that is touching people profoundly is just sad. But like you, I have been there.

    Blog on, creepy friend. ;) I think you are fantastic!

  5. ooooooooh......I'm creeped out. :)

    But anyway, I've made my choice. I'm sticking with the loving creepy people like you Sue.

  6. Erin - well, yes, that's right. They probably wouldn't know any polytheists because the devil must be kept from the door and not fraternised with. LOL.

    I'm just glad that I have forever moved on from that view. But I feel really sorry for everyone who still feels like that because it is just a marrow-sucking, cancer-causing way to live and it must grieve God. But still - it seems to be necessary for a lot of us to go through that whole deal in some way, just so we know that it's unworkable and bullocks.

    Tina - creepy friend, hehe :) Thanks!

    Kent - aw, thanks.

  7. It's funny how these arguments get going. The Jews think Christians are polytheistic anyway because of the whole notion of the Trinity.

    Ah, it's good to be free from the need to hold such pinned down ideologies that cannot be defended or reasoned through! In the end we all come to the same place of saying we have faith in something we can't always put our fingers on eh?

    Thanks for your creepy blog that inspires transparency and real life. I am most blessed by God through you! (and Erin, Kent, Tina etc...)

  8. Jennifer - yes, isn't that the funny thing? We're arguing about our seeing the invisible and often intangible right, which just adds a touch of ludicrousness to the whole deal :)

    Thanks Jennifer

  9. PS Jennifer - I don't know what I was saying in that above statement. It makes very little sense :)

  10. Hmm... I have not read 'the Shack' and so I have no thoughts on it. But I did head on over to the link to see who was feeling 'creeped out' - and why.

    *shakes head*

    Yeah. fear - what they said almost creeped me out. ;-)

    Seriously, the place I used to be - where anything that remotely challenged my neat and tidy paradigm caused fear to rise - that same fear was present when I read what they had to say. Not rising in me, just there, lurking... oops. Am I being creepy now?

  11. Hey Katherine - well, what you're describing sounds creepy but you're not being creepy :)


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