Cleaning up my online act

Monday 23 June 2008

I've been having fits of guilt about posting the pics I do here from DeviantArt. My rationale for using them has been that I only use the ones that are available for download. I figured that it would be okay to use those ones on my blog - but still, it's really just rationalising away the fact that all of them are copyrighted and I'm violating it.

So, down they're comin'. From now on, I'm only going to use public domain or creative commons licensed stuff. Whee. Do I feel righeous ;) It's going to be harder to find stuff, but the lastest version of Firefox has this really cool search feature for creative commons, so let's see how we go.

I've deleted my Facebook account and I'm just about to delete my MySpace one too, when I get my old blog posts downloaded. I am bored with both of those places and sometimes, when my inner conspiracy theorist kicks in, I feel quite uncomfortable about them. Apart from that, they both shit me. No, Joe Blow from Texas, I don't want to be your friend. I don't need to build up my self-esteem by having 486 online buds, ta very much.

I have been trying to burn a whole lot of Mocca's CDs but my laptop isn't coming to the party. Do I feel guilty about burning CDs? Yes. Do I do it anyway? Yes. Do I feel guilty about doing it anyway? Yes.

But not enough to stop.


  1. yay you!

    i reckon you could flex your creative muscles, make clay stuff, drawings, take photos and post them up here

    grace the world with your own original images - to match your own original words

    the blog karma god is smiling

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kel. We'll see :)

  3. I was wondering about all the artwork you posted, which ones were yours and which ones weren't. I guess you would mention if it was yours. Like the clay tree. Which by the way was very cool. i hope it survived the firing.


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