My Life as a Tree

Monday 16 June 2008

This is the first sculpture I have ever made as an adult. I'm pretty chuffed with it really, for a first effort. It's unfired as yet. I hope it lasts the furnace. If it doesn't it was nice knowing you, Harold.

That's her nickname, Harold. Which is pretty silly. But she won't tell me what her real name is yet. It's a secret. But I think it starts with A.

Me and clay, we've got this thing.

After playing with clay, me and Naughty went to the Arboretum again and saw some real live ones.
I am pure cactus. Had only four hours' sleep, but had a full day of vim and vigour. Which is basically a first for me and my health. I finally finished my essay. I am sorry my teacher has to read such drivel, but there's nothing for it. If I am allowed, and if there is space for another first-year subject in my degree, I am going to take an Introduction to Drawing and Painting class next semester. I'm excited about all this stuff. I'm also going off to buy some clay sometime soon :)


  1. I like Harald. Please post again with more pix once she's been all fired up.

  2. beautiful bark on that first tree! I love peeling and marbled bark of any sort.

    Is Harold really two trees? Is there some symbolism there or does she just have two trunks? I agree that you've found your medium :)

  3. lovely Harold, she really is cool! Didnt realise you were off to see Maggie today! :)

  4. I, too, love Harold. Reminds me of something....can't quite think of it.

  5. Thanks, everyone *shyly kicking the ground with my toe*

    Andi, I would have dropped in but the 4 hours' sleep was starting to show by that stage. I was worried that if I stayed out any longer I'd crash Olive :)

    Jennifer - well, it's a tree, but in a symbolic kind of a way, I guess. So it's not really two trees, it's ... I don't know :)

  6. harold is fabulous...hope she withstands the firing :-)

  7. Harold looks very grounded.

    It reminds me of the Ents in Lord of the Rings . . .

    and of Narnia's Prince Caspian, when Aslan's magic brings the trees to life to help save the children

  8. Kel - the feet are the thing for me. I love how grounded they are. It reminded Maggie of the Ents too.


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