Remind me ...

Monday 16 June 2008

... to start on my essays earlier, someone? Anyone? ('Cause I don't want to take responsibility for my procrastination ;)

'Cos it's almost 2am and I've still got at least another hour to go. Late night trip to the servo to get milk to fuel the 2 cups of coffee I've had after midnight, a packet of Twisties for some low-quality carbs, and an impulse buy (how can you not impulse buy after midnight) - two packets of beef jerky for some thinking protein - but shite that stuff's expensive, and the dog dribbles enough to drown me so I have to share. Spoilt brat.

Wish me luck. Because I really don't give a shit about authority and authenticity of the writer in autobiography. But I have to make this some sort of cohesive thing. And I really wanna go to bed.

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