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Thursday 17 July 2008

Dear bloggers. Just like Jack's feelings for Audrey in European Vacation, I miss the shit out of you. But it's good having some sort of break, too.

So here I am, blogging at work, surreptitiously. I just had to quickly share with you what Mr Rohr said today:

Either you see the body of Christ everywhere or you don't see it. There are finally no divisions. But that is a mystical seeing that connects everything universally.

God is perfectly hidden in this material world. And for those who have learned how to see, God is perfectly revealed. God shines through all things. You want to kiss trees and honor what is.

You are even brought to tears sometimes by the least of the brothers and sisters because the divine image shines through so clearly.

Richard Rohr


  1. Yeah He does - shine through so clearly.

  2. Takes a while to clear the screen, but.

    He is patient, but. :)

  3. He is so apparent in the eyes of the hurt ones. And in Vermeer paintings.

  4. That's beautiful, Barbara

  5. I love what Richard Rohr sees.

  6. Me too, Kent. Leaves me breathless.


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