Full moon fever

Friday 18 July 2008

Last night I stared out at the full moon's lighting the clouds, watched a good movie, then dragged myself rather unwillinglishly into the playroom where a half-done clay mask and a lump of clay were waiting for me ... and then came out 3 hours later.

There is nothing like finding things that cause you to lose track of time. In fact, I would say it's elementary, really.

Life is so rich, the vein lies just below the surface. Being bored should be a crime.

That doesn't stop me from being bored.


  1. Hmm... space to have that freedom to just do ting that cause you to lose track of time without others there to keep reminding you.... tantalizingly close, but not there yet... sigh....

  2. clay masks
    my favourite
    did you have fun?
    did you have some amazing insights?

    xfacta Kel

  3. Katherine - well, I most heartily look forward for that time for you. It's funny though - once you get it, physically, there's still the mental giving yourself permission to do something fun, you know? Waht a bizarre world/head we live in :)

    Kel - awww, I LOVE making masks :) This dude I made was totally Neanderthal. Which made sense seeing I'd been talking to Maggie about issues of self hatred etc. Anyway, he's sort of morphed from there, but he's just really cool. and then last night, from under my hands, sprang this sprite-ish creature with curly hair. that one's morphed a bit too. I thought it was a little boy at the start but I don't know what it is anymore. but gee, these things they just make their own appearance if you let them, don't they?

    No amazing insights as such except that this clay work feels totally like it's from my unconscious to my hands, and the feeling is just AWESOME

  4. Hmm... yeah, the mental permission is something I know I will have to deal with, but first step, physical freedom. ;-)


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