Crystall ball gazing a bit wonky

Friday 25 July 2008

Betting is a mug's game. I just did 20 bucks I don't really have.

My waters must have a bladder infection because my team lost by 11 points. Or else my crystal ball is an idealistic one (of course it is), because my team should have won.

Oh well, should make the finals race interesting. And I have been all Zen all evening saying that the worst thing that can happen is that we will lose.

Which we did. Oh well. It's just a game, right? Right?


  1. Betting eh? Now who do we think is responsible for that in your life, hmmm?

    (If you don't get the reference let me know, it's an American comedy show routine)

  2. Better yet, here is a montage

  3. Whose chasm were we sinning in?

    Hah :)


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