Crystal Ball Gazing

Friday 25 July 2008

20 bucks I can't at the TAB (betting is a mug's game) says my football team, after a disastrous loss last week, are going to beat last year's Grand Finalists, who are coming off a wonderful win.

We have the mozz over them. We're getting back to full strength after our lull. We're gonna win by 15 points.

(I always get annoyed at myself when I prognosticate. I am wrong so often - why do I need to childishly go out on limbs and make such stupid predictions? I don't know, Kimmy. I just feel it in my waters.)


(In other news, I should receive my ADSL modem on Monday or Tuesday. So I shall be able to blog again. I miss my blog *hugs blog. Ouch. Blog is square and not easy to hug. Hugs readers instead, across ether. Ahh. Nice! :)*

I miss writing here so much. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the extra time. It's amazing how much more you can get done without being online. I haven't been late to work once in the past 2 weeks :)

Oh, and I got a pay rise - 4 bucks extra an hour. And I got a High Distinction for my Writing Selves subject. Yay me. And I got some sort of healing thing going on, which I look forward to talking to you about. Something about taproots of bitterness and such things and ever since then I have had this lightness in my being and I don't want to hope too much that maybe this horrible darkness which has been spewing out of me for months and months is gone? Maybe? Maybe? Pliz? We'll see.


  1. wow that's some pay rise
    what's your secret
    i gotta get me some of that :)

    congrats on the writing result

    glad to hear there's some healing going down - yay for you!

  2. I teach Mark William's brother, Steven in Katanning and this is Buddy country as well!!!!

    Taproot systems are way easier to pull out than fibrous root systems, easier to destroy as well.

  3. Thanks ladies :)

    Mork, that's some fine football breeding territory you've got going on over there in WA.

    My parents came over to your state, and drove back across the Nullarbor, and ever since my mother's had this dreamy look in her eyes :)


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