The Last Post

Saturday 12 July 2008

I am still online. Still here :) My landlord is moving out today, and his new tenants are moving in tonight. Obviously he hasn't packed up his computer yet :)

I feel like a junkie must feel when they know they've just had a fix and don't know when they'll be getting their next one. Kind of unsettled, like the weather, which is chilly, overcast and windy. This weather doesn't affect me the way it used to when my immune system was dodgier than it is now. My glands would always be standing up on the side of my neck in weather like this, and I would be lethargic and fatigued.

Now I'm just going to be lethargic and fatigued because I'm going off to yum cha :)

This is a pointless post, my last post until I don't know whenever. Being offline is really not that much of a big deal, you know? I don't need the internet. It's amazing how when I can't get online, how little it bothers me.

So how come I've got the junkie twitch? *grin*

See you whenever, dudes.


  1. thanks for the reminder (i think) are like the 4th blog that i regularly read & who consistently has conversation with me that is going off line for the next who knows how long. my paranoid self is it me? is it something i said? maybe i need to take a break myself.

    hang in there. there's always another fix out there somewhere.

  2. See you when we all return to the ether. Peace out, sue.

  3. Yes, Lucy. It's you. We're all going offline to get away from you, hehe :) I'm getting my fixes, as you can see, even without my at-home fix :)

    Barbara - peace out to you, too :)


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