Spring's coming ...

Friday 1 August 2008

I am waiting for that first tantalising smell on the wind, that indefinable thing that is not really a smell so much as a sense, an intuition, a bonefeel that Spring is coming. It happens roughly around about now, just when everybody is getting about with hangdog faces and expanded waistlines (I have desisted from eating for 7. It was fun for a couple of weeks but my jeans are beginning to muffin-top alarmingly, so I'm cutting it back to eating for 4 :) Actually, it wasn't so much fun as an absolute compulsion when I was feeling alarmingly spiritually dark. As things have lightened again, so has my ability to refuse a ninth serve of pudding :)

Yesterday, I looked at the sunrise and sunset times and noted that in a month from now, Melbourne will have an extra hour's sunlight. That thought just curls my toes :) Yum yum anticipation.

And at least I'll know by then that my stupid bloody modem will definitely have arrived. Still no sign of it today. Another weekend for me without internet access. GoTalk - well, I would if I fucking well could, believe me.

Dear reader, I am so backed up with posts, I'm gonna break my own records next week with 7 posts a day :)

Happy weekend, dear bloggers. *Hugs bloggers* And go Hawks.



    I am NOT a winter person, I love the smell of gums on a hot sunny day.

  2. Yep it's just about time for this bird to fly to the southern hemisphere.

    I wish.

    I hate it when I can feel autumn coming...

  3. Mork - Right there with you, dude :) Give me 32 degrees of dry heat - bewdiful :)

    Erin - You know with the advent of meeting you, there is always a "Ooh, summer's coming!" but on the tail of that sometimes is a "Oh, but poor Erin. That means winter's coming for her" :)

  4. Hi Sue,

    Right there with you re 32 degrees of dry heat! Two words: yes please.

    On a completely different note.. I have two new ADSL modems just sitting here in boxes that could possibly help get you online given GoTalk's.. tardiness? Just a thought. :)

  5. John - thanks for the offer, v kind of you. But my modem has been sent and will arrive tomorrow. Well, I'm assuming. It was meant to arrive last Friday but never got sent. Then was meant to be sent today via courier before I left to go to work ... but no. Seriously, these dudes are just pathetic


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