Thursday 7 August 2008

At Christmas we stood at the fence & toyed with the barbed wire & joyed
at holidays, the smell of horses, the pleasure of being filmed by myuncleyourdad
(girding his loins for six weeks of empty threats to whispering girls to go to sleep)
& he filmed us at the fence the horse chewing on my hair & it sent squeals & chills
down my neck & each minute opened up like lotuses & the chills stretched all the way
down through the days of acting all the parts in our own dramatic soap opera &
music & swimming in our nighties & the twilight of our childhood so sweet through
the yellow lens of 25 years & I join with you cuz in saying
I'm ready to grow young again
Up ahead


  1. I dont know if you meant to make me blubber into my keyboard..but you did. Such lovely sweet memories, written so well. I can see that girl getting her hair chewed, the feeling of being together! endless days (and nights, sorry Dad!) I'll be there, up ahead. xx

  2. Yes, mwahaha, I did mean to make you blubber.

    Mwahahaha!! xx :)

  3. Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind. You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair. The way to keep young is to keep your faith young. Keep your self-confidence young. Keep your hope young.
    Author: Luella F. Phean

    Yeah - well that may be so BUT my body is degenerating RAPIDLY!!!


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