Thursday 7 August 2008

I'm online. At home. Noice :)

Except I need a telephone extension cord, and the one I am using doesn't seem to be working properly so instead of sitting at the table, I am crouched on the floor, with cords and cables all over the place, like a junkie who just drops everything and shoots up on the train station toilet floor.

Yay! Now I can be online in my pyjamas again! Yay!!! :)

*does dance*


  1. Internet Junkie Andi7 August 2008 at 13:29

    Yay you're back! internet junkie gal! :)

  2. Thanks, girlies :) I'm looking forward to spending copious amounts of time on here again - ie resuming normal broadcasting :)

  3. balloons?
    wow - it is a celebration!
    hope you get the cabling sorted.

  4. Wow ... I missed something - were you gone? - another 70's datura missing time period I guess.

  5. Thanks, Kel :) And Mork, I haven't had an internet connection at home for a month. Which hasn't stopped me getting online at work, and on my friend's wireless on my laptop etc but it's not the same. I usually blog w-a-y more than this :)

  6. Has it really been a month you've been "gone"? It hardly seemed like it at all ;-)

    Glad you are online in your pajamas again.

  7. YEAH!!!!!!! So that was you I got the addy change from? Never knew your last name :D

  8. Erin - it felt like 2 months to me, even though I was still kinda posting.

    Tyler - yeppers, that was me :)

    *Yawn* I'm tired stayed up till past 2am online this morning :)

  9. Actually today it's more like wheeeee! - clunk. I spent so much time on here last night now I'm exhausted today and haven't even left for work yet :)


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