Male fashions

Monday 1 September 2008

This is my friend Comrad.

The sheltered workshop lets him out sometimes to go bike riding.

This is my friend Mocca. He wears these shoes in public, to play indoor soccer.

No wonder we broke up.

Seriously, that bike helmet is ugly because it's functional and it just looks ugly. But those shoes - they don't have to look like that, but for some inexplicable reason they do. Even more inexplicably is the fact that someone bought them. Many men buy them. Have you noticed the proliferation of incessantly ugly men's shoes around? They look like Gremlinised bowling shoes on acid. Gross.



  1. Hey nice. :)I've had people tell me before that I must be very comfortable in my own skin to where some of the shoes I buy.

  2. Really? Post pics of them so I can make fun of you too :)

  3. I'm not feeling that confident at this moment.

  4. Oh John, our dear challeneged friend ;) I think Mocca's shoes are kinda cool, but I think I like alot more mens shoes than you do!

  5. Oh dear, I dont think I can spell or type anymore

  6. Kent - really? Oh dear, well, you don't want your conidence further defused by snarky comments about your foot attire. It seems I'm in the minority when it comes to footwear. I think I have rather pedestrian beige tastes when it comes to shoes :)

    Poor Andi. Is it all that looking after sick people (Mum mentioned Alex was sick last week, and Andrew was sickening when I was over. I hope you didn't come down with it too! Hey, if you can make it to trivia on Thursday night, we are thinking of going to Leon's latest deal, just for some fun. Let us know.

    There. Now I don't need to email you :)


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