Do thoughts go on the breeze?

Monday 1 September 2008

(Edit: Reading it back, this post makes very little sense :) Oh well :)

Because sometimes I wonder how it is that today I can think of HR Puffnstuff and then read about that show on another blog, completely separate (except the common link was Erin, Tyler, and Katherine Gunn, actually). I was playing Apples 2 Apples before (everyone welcome to join) and was wondering whether HR PuffnStuff could be my answer for the word 'chthonic' (the name of the game in A2A is to give a noun for an adjective supplied by the winner of the last round. It's quite fun, actually :)

Chthonic means "of the underworld" and yes, okay, I must admit my answer seems a bit ridiculous now, but it was just one of those passing thoughts through my head, you know? (Sheesh, looking at your thoughts when you don't edit them or repress them - it's a bit scary, isn't it?) I remember that show but not ridiculously so. I just know he was a dragon or something and so I thought he might live underground.) Then over at Tyler's, Mike brought it up. How strange, dont you think?

I didn't think that more than one person would have been thinking about that show on one day. How many people do you reckon are thinking about HR Puffnstuff right now? 1000? 10,000? That seems a bit excessive to me, even with the world's population. Many people in Botswana have never seen that show :)

See, these are the things I ponder, the answers I want to know. Dear God, you know. How many?

Maybe thoughts travel on the ether and they stick to people in their heads. Maybe when I thought of that show while I was on Apples 2 Apples, Erin or Tyler or KG were the carrier for the Puff n Stuff thoughts. And they caught it, and it went into their heads, and then it spilled out and Mike caught it. Do you think?

No, I'm not stoned. I'm drunk on Spring :) I hung washing out this afternoon, the first lot of washing for the season. There's something about hanging washing. Of all the dullishly dull rancid houseworking tasks, that is the one that gives me the most pleasure. I like smelling the clothes off the line. Mmm. Sunshiney goodness. I think that might hearken back to the days when I had CFS, and to accomplish anything at all in one day was amazing, and so I always felt like doing the washing was some accomplishment I could handle. Weird.

Sunshine. Oooh. I feel all whee! whee! whee! crazy woop woop woop woop. I'm glad it's Spring. Spring equals cleaning. Which is a good thing, because I need basically every surface of every thing I own cleaned. Everything! Every bloody damned thing.

But that's okay. Tomorrow. In the meantime, I am going on an artist date in my loungeroom with a movie and some Pods (the edible ones, not the ones that opened up on stage - or didn't, as the case may be - for Spinal Tap).

PS: Do you remember the yip yips off Sesame Street? I LOVED these guys!


  1. i am so envious of your springtime! it feels like fall here already and while i love fall, i am not ready for summer to end!!! enjoy as i know only you can!

  2. LOL! Your thoughts work the same way mine do. The reference to the pods in Spinal Tap made me laugh. My brain is always doing word associations that take me on the strangest journeys sometimes....

  3. Lucy - awww, sorry! Come and hang out with me, and you can start at Spring again! :)

    KG - that's a relief to know my crazy thought patterns are shared by someone else. Yes, the journeys are terribly strange, aren't they? Why I choose to share them with the entire of blogdom is beyond me, though :)

  4. I used to watch that as a child in canada. I believe the boy who was in it was the Artful Dodger in Oliver, wasn't he?

    I also love the Yep Yeps!

  5. Was he? He was such a gorgeous kid. Must have got away with murder, with that cheeky little face :) (Much better than Oliver, he was so namby pamby :)

  6. I just happen to have a DVD of Oliver! sitting next to my computer and... yes, Jack Wild played both.

    As for the Yep Yeps, my brother-in-law, sister & I would sometimes get the strangest looks. One of us would look at the others and start going "yep, yep, yep" than another would join and the third would go "Briiing. Briing." Yeah, full grown adults, no less. :-)

  7. Those Yip Yips remind of my chemistry students. They kept trying every wrong method in their book and wondered why they didn't get the right answer.
    Love those Yip Yips! I don't quite get the Hufnpuf lad. I grew up with Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob and Captain Kangaroo.

  8. KG - isn't it weird when those little synchronous moments happen? They always jolt me and make me laugh :) LOL at you and your brothers and sister. Me and my cousin let out the occasional "bring!" ourselves :)

    Barbara - they remind you of your chemistry students? Haha :) I do love the way you look at things :) Yes, I love them too. They make me happy, remind me of being a kid.


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