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Tuesday 23 September 2008

I met Louisa for coffee on Sunday. I was a little bit nervous, as is only right when you meet a new person, especially someone who you have been chatting to online beforehand.

I felt comfortable straight away, however, and it was really cool to hang out with Louisa, her three kids (two of whose names I have forgotten already), and her dog Mocha (is it bad form to remember the dog's name but to forget two of the kids' names??) I look forward to catching up for dinner with her and her hubby and chatting about God and how luvverly he is :)

This weekend has been pretty full on, I must say. It's been all emotional and I've been living in anxiety a fair bit of the time, or else in hyperactivity - just flaky, you know, the way Blogthings said below, hehe :) I think my flakiness is due to the fact that I haven't been indulging my creativity as much in the past week or so, ever since I have had my middle ear infection. And boy, it doesn't take long until I start thinking I can't do it. I lose faith in being able to access that place where it all comes from, and start blocking myself. Sigh. Sometimes I drive myself cerrazee.

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow just for the balancing out. Whoever would have thunk it? Looking forward also to returning back to the balancing boat of doing what I know I need to do, and trusting that the place that I have started walking in ever so gently hasn't actually gone anywhere, this weird place where my right brain gets to play and my left brain gets to shut the hell up for five minutes :)

Sometimes I get annoyed that the lessons we learn still have to keep being re-applied. How cool if we learned them and they applied for a 75 year time period before we had to look at them again :)

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