Brown paper packages tied up with string

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Well, it wasn't tied up with string so much as sealed up with sticky tape. And it was a box rather than a package. It was pretty big and came in the mail yesterday. Like, over 30 bucks' postage big. My mail packages usually come from secondhand book suppliers or EBay CD sellers. This one came for free, from a real live generous soul from Minneapolis and contained a book AND music :) Spoilt girl.

Several of the CDs were mix tapes. Mix tapes I say!!! Well, they're mix CDs actually, but just as CDs are still called albums, so the mix tape shall always and forever be known to me as the mix tape, whatever incarnation they come in. (Anyone read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby? Much better than the movie, though that was good and Jack Black did a pretty good Barry it has to be said. Opinionated music lovers and compulsive list doers will love this book, which sings the praises of mix tapes with the reverence that is their due :)

The lovely mail package came from Jon, party head extraordinaire of Something Else fame. The book was one his grandfather wrote about what he discovered when reading the bible, dismissing the claims of mothership christianity, and using his own mind to think for himself. A heady combination, and I look forward to reading what he has to say. What is more attractive than a mind having original thoughts? I don't even need to agree with the thinker for it to be a wonderful intellectual experience.

The mix tapes I haven't listened to yet. I am saving them for the weekend, when I shall have my house to myself again, at least for the few days of the weekend, and hopefully for good (please God. Please. P-l-e-a-s-e). Listening to mix tapes has to be done in the correct time and place, especially ones that have come accompanied with their own liner notes and require playing very loud and reverently, as a very personalised peek into another soul that they are :)

And the charm of receiving an illegally copied disk of the latest Metallica album from a fellow Christian was not lost on me :) For many years I didn't think there existed any sort of Christian like that :) Now I find there's thousands of you!

Thanks Jon, it really made my day getting this package :) If I had a teleporter machine sitting in my backyard, you and your wife and kids would be on the list. Especially on a day when you're having one of your parties ;)

Community takes many forms, does it not?


  1. Though I wouldn't know HOW to send a package to Australia if I tried. What's taking them so long on the teleporter machine?

  2. This would be the proverbial "chicken has flown the coop"? LOL. I laughed at that.

    Yes, community takes many forms. I'm glad to have found the one I have here in the big wide web.

    You will have to share what's on those mix-tapes, LOL!

  3. I dunno, Erin, why they're taking so damn long on the teleporter machine? If they got a giddy-up, we could have a coffee together :)

    Imagine that. I could hop over to your summer for a respite here and there, and you could hop over to mine :)

  4. even if they invented a teleporter, i doubt i would use it. i have used too many other machines built by humans with less than thrilling results. i wouldn't want that same kind of shoddy work applied to all the molecules in my body... unless i wait until it's been around about 50 or 60 years and they perfect it. but by then i suppose i won't be hampered in getting around by my body anyway, will i?

    well, well it seems you outed me. it was a real treat getting to send one of my grandfather's books across the globe. and i used the good ol' U.S.P.S. (united states postal service for those who don't know) they undercut both UPS and fedex by about $100

    and the cd's... well. even sue doesn't know what's on them yet. that's the fun part. discovery. hopefully she'll share a bit about them once she's had a chance to hear them. sorry. bad neurosis! bad neurosis! ;-)

  5. Well I would use a go sleep on Keanu at Sue's house. ;-)

  6. Jon - I agree. I'd only be using it when it had been checked by a few generations. Hell, I don't even use the microwave unless I really have to :)

    I am looking forward to the CDs, I tell you. those liner notes just tickled my socks off :)

    Erin - I would go sleep on Keanu at Keanu's house ;)

  7. ooooo Sue!!! : )
    Jon, what a guy!


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