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Friday, 17 October 2008

I think I'm resuming normal broadcasting without feeling so much yukky spiritual weirdness. Unfortunately, the inherent sort people have been accusing me of for years remains :)

My brother has gone out this evening. In a nice shirt. Wearing aftershave. Having showered. It is a nice change to sweat. Gee, some boys surely do stinketh.

There must be a woman involved in this nasal turnaround, you say sagely, and surely dear reader you are correct. A phone call from his ex of several years, and three words, did it.

"It's still there," she said. And off he did runneth, into the wind with the caution blowing out behind him. I admire him his courage. You gotta love crazy love.

Me, I'm swimming and lathering myself in the rich bath of Friday evening solitude, blogging and toking and listening to music (just a bit of toking, she justified. Just to take the edge off. This is not a land I can live in anymore, but surely there's nothing wrong with dropping in and visiting once a year or so :)

Billy Bragg was singing before There Is Power in a Union. A different sort than my brother is thinking of, I think :) And surely, there is probably more power in a union than in our superannuation funds ;) Today on my 10 minute break, I leafed in agreeance through the September issue of the Socialist Alternative sitting on the lunchroom table. One of my fellow workers, Alison, came in for her last cup of tea in the gentle sun of the Friday afternoon home straight. I told her how much I was in agreeance with what I was reading. (Although it doesn't seem to have translated itself very well off the paper and out into the power corridors, but yes, I would say I am a theoretical socialist in some ways ~ as much as I am a theoretical anything. it feels pointless in some ways, this choosing of one ideology over another. But paper socialism holds the most justice and freedom, in my view, as an ideology).

She's a socialist from way back, Alison said. I wonder how quickly people would have been willing to offer up that kind of information six months ago? I presume they're probably starting to come out of the woodwork around about now :)

"I imagine even the Republicans are feeling like socialists at the moment," she joked, half seriously.

Winds of change, they be blowing :)

Happy weekend, comrades :)


  1. oooh! Was it an ex starting with M? ;)
    I hope they rekindle the romance!

  2. Yeah, I hope they rekindle it too :)

    How long do you think it's been since they've been apart? I was thinking something like 3 or 4 years??

  3. Ah Billy Bragg, one of my favourites.

    My political journey seems to have run in parralel to my spiritual. At 18 I joined the Socialist Workers Party, lots I could agree with in theory but they were such fundamentalist marxists, very little origiinal thinking going on there. Always dreaming of the coming revolution with nothing really to offer for the moment.

    I would still consider myself to be a socialist or at least social democrat. I am a member of the labour party these days, its a broader church.

    Give me well meaning and thoughtfull people though, anyday, over those that just blindly follow a dogma or ideology. Even if it's the right one. Like mine.

  4. Give me well meaning and thoughtfull people though, anyday, over those that just blindly follow a dogma or ideology. Even if it's the right one. Like mine.

    Ooo yeah. Big smile for the last line. :)

    Sue, I am not a Republican but I can't see myself ever being a socialist.

    I just finished The Alchemist, what do you think of it?

  5. "The wind of change
    Blows straight into the face of time
    Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell
    For peace of mind"

    --The Scorpions.

    Sorry, it was all I could think of.

  6. Stu - LOL. Your comments are always priceless. And yo, word, dude. That's totally what I think, too :)

    Jennifer - well, to be honest, at least today, I can't really see myself being one either. I don't know what I would label myself. I feel increasingly dissatisfied with putting myself in a box because in some ways I am a complete socialist, in others, more conservative. Why does it have to be one or the other? The discrepancies are bizarre and I am so forking sick of politics :)

    Erin - thanks very much. You are so evil. Did you KNOW that that horrble Scorpions song was going through my head as soon as I typed "winds of change"? And you weren't happy with impaling We Didn't Start the Fire further in my head, were you? No.

    JK :D Mwah to you, Facebook friend!

  7. It's my civic duty to remind you of songs you hate. It's not like you've never done it to me. ;-)

  8. No, you are certainly correct, Erin :) Thank you for fulfilling your civic role :)

  9. No labels necessary here. I don't know what to label myself either and I don't feel the need to, but it does make people crazy doesn't it? I just think whatever makes sense to me and it is what it is.

    How funny that you are sick of politics...I've been sick of it all for years and am just beginning to find an interest again. Not picking sides or promoting candidates, but articulating what I do think about the whole mess.

    Hey, happy weekend to you too! I'm off to sleep - one of my favorite things these days.


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