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Friday, 17 October 2008

Lily of the valley petal magnified 1300 times.
Third place winner of the National Geographic Best Microscopic Images of 2008.

From the site:
Albert Tousson of the University of Alabama was recently testing a new laser microscope in his lab and put a petal of a lily of the valley under the lens, which magnified the petal 1,300 times--resulting in his winning photo in the 2008 Small World photomicrography competition.

The enhanced color of the petal's red cell walls and green and yellow starch granules comes from the laser light, which causes molecules within these substances to fluoresce--the same phenomenon that gives objects under black lights an eerie glow.

—Photograph by Albert Tousson/High Resolution Imaging Facility/University of Alabama at Birmingham/photo courtesy of Nikon Small World

HT to Shelia


  1. a - m - a - z - i - n g!!!

    This is why I studied Botany and soil science, wonders no eye can see.

  2. Isn't it crazy? A lily of the valley petal and it's full of red round things with yellow and green peas in them?

    God's a tripper, my friend :)

  3. that is an amazing photo! Beautiful!! It reminds me of a blog I read where a lady had found a hornet's nest on the ground, and it had all those little chambers like this photo. hmmm I think there's something in that for all of us ;)


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