On last night's news ...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

... the term "new order" twice (cue creepy music), in relation to what's going on in England at the moment regarding trying to mop-up the economic mess. And they're not talking about the band, either.

Good times (if you like your evil despicable world systems reeling to and fro and realigning themselves :) Those buggers are as slippery as mercury


  1. lots of peeps are saying "end times" are upon us

    maybe they watch too much tv and read too many newspapers - or maybe they're right

  2. Yeah, and isn't it nice to be able to make those decisions without having crazy psycho people bleating down your neck about it :)

    Yay for freedom from institutionalised religion :)

    Seriously, sometimes I think they're right. I actually started reading the book of Revelation again last night :) What I do know is that the walking out of that stuff if it happens will probably be less scary in some ways than reading about it and not understanding it, because God is in the reality and showing himself true, whereas in the book it's easy to overlook it all and go all Left Behind. But who knows, dear Kel? Who knows?

    Life sure is kind of interesting at the moment :)

  3. I'm creeped but not worried. We shall see...

    Sue, I noticed last time I cracked Revelation this little verse (can't remember right now where) that talked of peoples' love growing cold because of the harshness of the last days. That's my main concern. I want to make sure my love isn't growing cold and it so easily can at times!

  4. Jennifer - yeah, the love of most will grow cold. And I'm with you. Some days I feel like maybe my heart is starting to turn into stone. Eeek! Help us, Papa!!!

    You know what I really noticed reading Revelation? The difference between how when I used to read it when I was a new Christian and how much condemnation and judgment and just outright hate without redemption that I thought God was going to go on with. And there is very little spoken of there about what is actually going on with God and the people who are following after him and I reckon we have only begun to see the tip of the amazingnesses of God :)


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