Happy birthday ... to me :)

Monday 1 December 2008

This kindergarten photo, age 4, is one of my favourite photos of myself ever. Can you guess which one is me? I was the same age Andrea's son Campbell just turned last Wednesday, and whose birthday we celebrated yesterday. I figure in a post where I am wishing myself a happy birthday, I may as well have a picture of myself as well :)

I have this picture sitting in my playroom. It is a reminder to myself that the same spirit of play I had then is still alive and well and willing and desperate to come out with a bit of coaxing. It has become more clarified to me over the past few weeks that the majority of the work I have been doing in art therapy this year is really just all about creating a place of safety within myself so I can do so. The past few weeks have reminded me about why my past requires me to do this. It's been such a massive year of growth for me. I'm excited about my future.

I love my family and friends and appreciate them even more the older I get. I have been reminded again lately that it is not a matter of luxury but of necessity to surround myself with people who are open to the two-way street of relationship, who energise me rather than drain me. Tomorrow I am meeting up (hopefully) with Andrea in the Dandenong Ranges after my art therapy session. I am going to my parents' tomorrow night, where I shall insist, with the barley rights that belong to the birthdayed, that we have Seven Stars chinese food for dinner. The night after I am getting together with my ex for some Mexican. Next weekend I plan to hijack a couple of friends so that we can go and see a band. I am grateful for all of those people.


  1. "I'm excited about my future"

    Do you have OTR's Drunkard's Prayer? If you do go take a listen to Looking Forward.

    Prayed last night
    Dear God please no
    But I was never good at letting go
    I'm lookin' forward to lookin' back
    On this day

    Good news can be so unkind
    When it's everything you have to
    leave behind
    I'm lookin' forward to lookin' back
    On this day

    In the taillights
    So much hindsight
    Telling me what I already know
    I know

  2. I hate that you're always so far ahead of me because I was going to wish you happy birthday before you posted about it...just to let you know I KNEW it was your birthday without you saying anything. But it's 9 AM on Nov 30th here and you still beat me to it!

    Happy Birthday Susie-q!

    I'm actually thinking that I will go see OTR who will be here tomorrow night (Dec 1st here) in honor of your birthday! LOL!

  3. happy happy birthday, sue!! it is my sister's birthday today also.

    i am guessing that you are the princess smack dab in the middle with the glorious smile on your face. am i right?

    wishing you a wonderful day/week/year/life filled with joy, art and wonderful friends to surround you!

  4. Alas I have no idea which one is you, but Lucy's guess would be mine too. Happy Birthday to you ... enjoy all your celebrations!
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. See, getting older isn't all bad! Happy Birthday, Sue!!!!!
    My guess is that you are the third from the right in the last row, near the teacher, with the lock of hair falling over your forehead.

  6. Happy birthday, Sue. My guess is that it is the little girl in the middle of the front row with her mouth open wide in laughter - enjoying the hell out of the moment.

  7. Kent - thanks. No, I don't have Drunkard's Prayer. I'll hunt this down and see if I can play it online :)

    Erin - well, you would have beaten me to it except I cheated a little bit and wrote this post before midnight, and because I was up till 1am :) Thanks. I would love to know you're seeing OTR! Go! Go! (Been seeing a bit more live music lately ... like taking intravenous drugs without the bad side effects (except for hearing loss)

    Lucy - yep, you got it :) I'll name and claim that wish, sounds good to me :)

    ST - you got it too. Thanks for your well-wishes :)

    Barbara - I think her name was Marnie, from memory. She was standing next to Darren Samartino who I used to play with and had a bit of a crush on. He's so cute! :)

    KG - yeah. That would be a good moment to be stuck in that you can't get out of, wouldn't it? Two years later at primary school in Grade 1, my nickname was Bigmouth. Charming. :)

  8. Birthday gift just sent to you in an email.

  9. hey birthday girl
    wishing you a wondrous day followed by a year of playful adventures :-)

  10. Happy birthday baby.... I love you so!

  11. Kent - thank you for the music :) (Have you started singing ABBA now?)

    Mike - thanks!

    Kel - now, that's a cool wish. I'll name and claim that one too.

    Tyler - thanks darling. I love you too. Unfortunately now I am singing some crappy Charles Aznavour song in my head :)

  12. Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late, I'll just, um, pretend I'm in the US. It's still yesterday there after all :-D Hope you had a fantastic day.

  13. Heather is a cheater...Heather is a cheater... :-)

  14. happy birthday!!!...( late as usual...)

  15. so which one is you? Are you the fourth little girl on the right, front row, laughing with her mouth open?!?! : )

  16. Heather - haha :) Thank you :) LOL Erin

    Manuela - thanks. Yeah, that's me squealing :)

  17. A belated happy birthday Sue!. Sorry didn't see this till now hope you had a good one.

    I Like the new look blog!


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