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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

This was the sight that welcomed my parents and my cousin and I on Monday night when we walked out into the street. Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon formed this, and made me smile :)

This shot was from Brisbane, just a couple of kilometres away ;) but it was still pretty much what we saw too. Nice :)

It's unfortunate that we live on a globe, as from some places on the earth it appeared like an upside down frowny face (see here, for example) - but whatever way, it still looked pretty cute. How fun!

Pic by Tatters


  1. That is cute. I saw the moon, venus and jupiter the other night too, but it didn't make a smiley face!

  2. Ahhhhh... how romantic!!!! You on the East Coast - me on the West both looking at the same Smiley. I started singing, Some enchamted evening ....

  3. I saw that on my way back from dinner with some girlfriends!!! I didn't know what it was though - I just thought the stars were a little brighter, but it struck me as a bit unusual. Silly me!

  4. Erin - it is cute, isn't it? :)

    Mork - romantic? I have lobotomised that term from my brain but I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) Isn't it weird how we are so far away and yet it looked pretty much the same?

    Heather - haha :)Were you drinking wine with your dinner ;)

  5. Only one glass.

    But I know less than my ten year old about astronomy. :-)

  6. Sometime soon Lou and I shall come upon you with a nice bottle of white.

    Yeah, I don't know much either. Finally worked out where the Southern Cross is, like, a year go. And apparently this smiley face happens every year. That's the first I ever saw of it!

    Astronomy is like taking drugs without the bad side effects. If I want to spin myself out, I go to the Planetarium :)

  7. Soonish. When things settle. You know. No pressure :)

  8. Yes, what I saw was like Zombie Kitten's second picture. Amazing for them to be so closely aligned.


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