Wednesday, 17 December 2008

For those of you who enjoy doing tests, I'm wondering if I could point you in this direction: Are You an Empath?

Just curious. I scored 81% Certified Empath. Weird word, empath. Has some connotations I'm not sure about. But hey, better an empath than a psychopath, I guess :)


  1. Interesting one - I scored 88% as an Unbonded Empath. Apparently there is a powerful Empath trapped inside my body wanting to get out! So long as it isn't like that scene in Alien...

  2. Potential Empath 94%
    Certified Empath 94%
    Unbonded Empath 81%
    An Intuitive 38%
    Not an Empath 19%

    I really didn't think I'd score that high. That's like before I bottled everything up. Weird. I guess it's still in there.

  3. I am 56% potential empath (my best). This is what they said:
    You possess the traits of a potential Empath, which means you have not fully tapped in to your abilities. Something is holding you back. When you are ready, look out world.
    I guess the world can breathe a while longer.
    It is all that science stuff I studied. Mind you, I had one student who gave names from Star Trek to everyone in his lab section. [These students seem to flock to me!] He called me Counsellor Troi. She's an empath. In my world, I guess I am sufficiently empathic to pass. ;)

  4. Unbonded Empath
    Certified Empath
    Hmmm.... they were tied.
    Wonder what the difference is.

  5. Certified Empath
    Potential Empath
    An Intuitive
    Unbonded Empath
    Not an Empath

    What's an unbonded empath, anyway?

  6. Did the test.
    Potential Empath 100%
    Certified Empath 94%
    Unbonded Empath 63%
    Intuitive 75%
    So, what does this all mean?

  7. Wow. There's a few high scorers here.

    I have no idea what it means. All I know is that I am one. I literally feel other people's emotions. It's coming clearer for me now why I get so overwhelmed by the world. I don't understrand what all of this means. I'm not sure what an unbonded empath is.

    I am reading these pages if you're interested:


    And another quiz:


    I am on this big learning curve all of a sudden. It's like beginning to set boundaries has opened up this whole new world where I am realising anew how few boundaries I do have in some ways, and how some of those are weird spooky looky ones too.

    This is all too weird to get my head around. Am I walking in crazy demonic witchcraft waters, or do we see as witchcraft anything that is not rational empiricist western viewing through a tiny lens? Sometimes I'm not sure.

  8. I SO get what you mean...learning your boundaries opens up many new vistas.
    When I broke through into this new space, I finally allowed myself to verbalize my love of the supernatural and paranormal. I have been so scared that I was becoming something away from God...but He continues to show Himself to me in the midst of my explorations.
    I'm learning to trust myself and my instincts...and that when even those are wrong..God is there. He said He was, and He is.
    I don't understand it...but I walk it.
    I have tried everything christian, and have been lifeless. Now, I walk to what interests me, and ask Him to show me stuff. He does.
    There is life in that.

  9. 88% certified empath
    88% an intuitive


  10. Che - sounds like you are walking in powerful waters. Of course, the Christian idea of God as some dude with a beard has precluded us from being able to do what comes inherently to us. How frustrating that everything female, intuitive, about the deep knowing, has been relagated to goddess worship, asherah stuff. Where does that leave all of what we experience to be true? Well, I'm damned if I'm going to cast it all as demonic just because it's not male, white, scientific and Western for fuck's sake.


    And yes, I agree. God is at the bottom of all things. If we get lost, he is capable of coming to find us.

    I know how heretical this sounds to many ears or eyes. I don't care anymore what they think. They are rightfully scared of the power human beings have in their own psyches. It's the reason why the male, white, scientific has risen to such prominence.

    Anyway, blah blah blah. So many people here have scored high results it makes me wonder - does my blog have more empathic people than the average, OR is that quiz so broad as to be meaningless OR is this some sort of God thing OR am I just trying to read things into it? I really don't know.

  11. For all of you unbonded empaths who are interested, I am reading an online book called The Book of Storms, about empaths. You can find it here:


    Some of it seems a bit New Age flakey to me, but there also seems to be some wisdom in there too, in the small portion I have read so far. Here is a description of an unbonded empath:

    "Empaths are driven by deep intuitive connections that are largely unconscious, as if sitting on top of a vast oil reserve in the ground and being a conduit (oil well) for this massive amount of energy. Most of what an Empath senses or "knows" cannot be verified immediately which creates a terrible psychic conflict for the person. The over abundance of real and imagined stimuli are frequently overwhelming. Sorting out the two is even more so. That is why I am a major advocate of structured training!

    "Imagine having vast amounts of information floating around in your head but no direct way to access it or express No way to sort it out or use it in any clearly defined way. Most of what it is cannot be proven immediately but does get proven over time. (I am skipping over a great deal of points here, just to make a point).

    "The stress of taking in the emotions of other people, of sensing information on a continual basis, of being a "human sponge", of being driven by deep inner forces that are not understood, all create a "torture chamber" of sorts within the average Empath. This does not have to be as melodramatic as I make it sound, but please understand - it frequently is for the subject.

    "I refer to this state in the Book of Storms as the "unbonded" Empath. Before figuring out who you are, you must figure out what you are, and reconcile the two. It's called the Book of STORMS for a reason! Learning about your internal storms, the nature of "storms", and how to "manage your own inner weather" are all par for the course. Empaths identify with many forms of nature and frequently feel affinity towards storms. Obviously, it is a powerful personal smbol for me. I have always felt "connected" to storms. As a metaphor, storms offer an unending supply of creative insight."

  12. Wow. Heavy. I'll have to check that out.

    What's so amazing to me is how I buried my empath for so many years, because I didn't understand it and the people around me were freaked out by it...but how now that I'm letting it come to the surface, I'm realizing how much I have to learn about it.

  13. Yeah, I think it's really really exciting :) And important, too. I am doing the exercises here:


    And they are really helping. I didn't realise before quite how much I need to be able to "turn people down" or else I get overwhelmed very quickly. Hence living by myself and needing to get away from other hoomans :)

  14. Oh that seems very cool...and good for me. I'm going to try it.


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