Life ~ Death ~ Life

Sunday 21 December 2008

But the angel said to them, Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for
all the people.

This is some of what I think. I think all people everywhere are like giant palaces. We all have amazing, beautiful rooms within us, so many rooms that we would never be able to enter into them all. But they are all us. Some of us feel that we only have a couple of rooms, because of damage done to us, but this still does not change the fact of our enormity. We are our own mother, we are our own father, we are our own children. The rooms have not gone away just because we haven't entered them.

This is some of what I think. I think all the people are loved by God. I think part of what Christ did was to enter into the midst of the shit and the strife to seal forever the fact that God loves us. But he entered into the bloodstream, into the midst of our palaces. He entered in so deep that we can't even recognise him half the time. And that's fine, because each of us is on our own journey and will discover our own stuff in our own time.

This is some of what I think. I think he entered right into the middle of our palaces so that we would begin to stop thinking that we are stinking piles of shit. I think he sits in the middle of our palaces so that we can sit in the middle of them. I think he sits in the middle of our palaces so that we can learn that it is not just an optional extra to learn to love ourselves because the best we will do is manipulate and control other people out of our fear if we don't learn first to love ourselves. I think he sits in the middle of our palaces to teach us what love us. Because we surely do not know that ourselves.

This is some of what I think. I think he came to demonstrate to the world what women of ages past have known inherently, in the deep knowing places, that death is never the end of anything, that all things die to their own nature to be reborn again in some other form. This is the way of a world not asphyxiated by death. There is no life without death, and there is no death without life. Life ~ Death ~ Life. We know the first two but forget the third. How bizarre, out of cultures which have proclaimed themselves as Christian, to fear death so much that we do not learn from it anymore. We fear letting things die, but many things must die.

This is some of what I think. Perhaps justice is not so much punishing people for what they deserve. Perhaps that is more like revenge. Perhaps justice is closer to honourable relations.

That is some of what I think.


  1. very timely for me Sue. I have been emersed tonight in the pain of someone I love while those that caused the pain fluttered around the house as if they did nothing wrong......I'm still waiting for justice and I fully believe that is honorable relations.

    I don't need to see anyone pay a price for what they have done...I want to see the healing that comes and only comes as grace does what grace does...retores relationships and heals the pain even if a scar remains.

  2. Belief in God fucks things up even more. It sends sane people mad, destroys young people's potential and is profoundly anti-intellectual and irrational.

    Christians are fucked up hypocritical cunts.

    Mother fuckers.

  3. Kent - ah, yeah, fluttering around the house as if you've done nothing wrong comes much easier at that age, doesn't it?

    David - well, I'm inclined to think the wrong sort of belief in the wrong sort of God fucks things up for sure (ie the God represented by a good deal of Christnianity). I wonder why more Christians aren't insane. And yeah, in my more angered moments I'm inclined to agree with your summations as well.

    Still, I'm curious that there seems to be so many atheists out there who are really ultra angry at someone who doesn't even exist. That seems pretty anti-intellectual to me :)

  4. Here is my prayer to your non-existent God:

    Dear God, What have you done this year apart from sending another shit-load of people to Hell, apart from failing, once again, to stop innocent children starving, and apart from appearing as an apparition on pieces of toast? You've done fuck all, God. So when you next answer a prayer according to your divine whim, try to make your "yes" answers distinguishable from random probability. In the name of your cunt son, Jesus. Now fuck off out of my life.

  5. Frankly, all you have to do is to look into Jesus' geneology to realize how deeply into our shit he went.
    And justice, according to what I have read in the Bible, has to do with aiding widows and orphans, feeding the poor, freeing prisoners and mercy. Revenge has nothing to do with it. That is our human approach to things, alas. There is revenge in the Bible, too, like there is adultery and all manner of dishonesty and cruelty. It is not called justice, however.

  6. Well, that's as good a prayer as any, David. If you're full of aggro, there's nothing better to take it out on than a non-existent God (well, nothing except a real one). I can't speak for anyone else, but God has done a shitload in me this year, it's just not outwardly observable, I guess (unless not getting aggro at people like you counts, which is a pretty big deal for me. A year ago I would have told you to fuck off, but now I just feel sad that you are obviously so miserable. I hope next year the non-existent God does shitloads of good, observable, irrational, randomly probable things in your life.

    Yeah, that Jesus. What a prick, huh? :)

  7. Barb - yes, it just annoys me that justice so often equals revenge, you know? Or justice as in a penal punishment kind of way. Who wants that kind of crap if one day it's gonna be flowing like a river? Much prefer the version in the bible, thanks very much

  8. keep thinking, sue!!

    the comments took away my train of thought...must be god (or that nonexistent god) sucking my brains out :-) peace, sistah!

  9. "There is revenge in the Bible, too, like there is adultery and all manner of dishonesty and cruelty. It is not called justice, however."

    It's called God's will.

    You see, the bible God you fondly adore and worship is the author of evil (exercise for you: find all relevant bible references).

    God is so evil, He planned the brutal death of His Son from the foundation of the world.

    Violence and God go hand-in-hand. But what should one expect from the misogynist and superstitious writings of ancient, pre-scientific and stupid tribe dwellers?

    What is more evil than this filthy god your worship? People who believe in God, merely because of subjective and unverifiable personal "experiences". These people participate in the perpetuation of evil from one generation to the next.

    Christians are scum bags who put there personal satisfaction above truth.

  10. Quite obviously the illiterate cunt meant "their" and not there in the above.

  11. See, Dave, I don't think you would have any sort of belief in God other than the one you do, considering the way you treat yourself. What, you think calling yourself a cunt because you made a grammatical error fits you out to have any sort of ability to be able to embrace any other concept of God than the one you do? You hate yourself so you hate God. We all project our own conceptions of what God is onto God - even you.

    I understand where you're coming from though. I felt that way for a long time, and reading the Old Testament only confirmed the ideas that I held. But I don't see it that way anymore. There is way more than one way to view those events. I don't think God had his Son killed because he requires blood. I think that is a human representation of what a god or gods are about. You can see it displayed in all the other religions that were around that area at that time - virgins thrown into volcanoes etc etc.

    I dont' think Jesus died on a cross because that was what God required. I think he did it because it's what we required.


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