Traditions of Men

Saturday, 20 December 2008

I've been thinking a bit lately about traditions, and how free I feel of them. Its an amazing thing to be able to see the traditions of men for what they are, because it also means that I am free to enter into them if I choose. I am also free to not be bound by them, and this is a good thing.

Because seriously, traditions make stupid people out of smart people sometimes, you know? They cause grown men to wear dresses in cultures that do not wear dresses. They give us yet another excuse, as if we didn't have a million inherent and ingrown ones already, to go to sleep and close our eyes and just go along with the flow. Which is nice when you're in a river, but sometimes it stops a lot of meaningful activity happening.

I think that is why I love this video so much :)


  1. oh yeah, thank you for saying it!

    funny video!!

  2. OK I have two questions:

    1) Did they know Darth Vader was following them?

    and if so

    2) How did they keep from laughing?

    That's hilarious.

  3. It was filmed in Scandinavia. You don't laugh in Scandinavia. ;)

  4. makes smart men look stupid - this is so true.

  5. LOL Barb. What DO you do in Scandinavia, I wonder? Shovel snow. And wear weird frilly collared things if you are part of sombre church ceremonies :)

    Oh, I feel mean saying that. I don't mean to diss what they are doing; I'm sure there was great heartfelt love of God going on. But it's also good to laugh at, don't you think? I mean, lighten up, Church God People.

    I should say, traditions can make smart women look stupid too. Just so you don't think I'm having another go at men. I think I am kinda over my little man fit now, LOL :)

  6. I looked at it again and I swear a couple of those churchy folks were stifling a giggle and checking out Darth Vadar out of the corner of their eyes.
    One thing you DON'T do in Scandinavia is drink in public. I was on a ship between Sweden and Finland that sailed overnight. My ex (who didn't like the taste of alcohol) and I were the only two who left the ship sober. It was open seas and drinking was permitted. It was really scarey. Better they should keep that upper lip stiff.


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