Shutting up the Gremlins

Tuesday 30 December 2008

The Gremlins are those horrible, awful things we say to ourselves in our head. The things that often impede us from moving forward because - well, because, "You're pathetic and you'll never change."

Some people begin calmly, rationally talking back to their Gremlins, countering their claims with a bit of rationality. "Well, so may you say, but I've actually changed so much in the past 10 years I wouldn't recognise myself down a dark alley." Which I have used from time to time, when I've remembered, with a bit of success.

Magpie Girl has taken it a step further, with a lot of success. She - of course, why did I not think of this - has made a dollhouse to put her Gremlins in. Genius! :)

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  1. Oh gosh!! I really want a gremlin doll house, Magpie's is super!
    Lord knows I have enough to fill a mulit-story apartment building ;)


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