It Made Me Smile - Two Walks

Thursday 8 January 2009

It made me smile to see sister moon baring almost all of her soul in the sky this eve.

It made me smile that the sky was full of cloudy fluffiness and the colour of the clouds was the colour of children.

It made me smile that the woman wore her hot pink dressing gown and slippers to put the rubbish bin out.

It made me smile when the mad Pomeranian and the mad mother cat both rushed out simultaneously and buffeted Lester on either side with malice and he took it all pretty calmly, really.

It made me smile when the plane flew right into the bum of the pink fish-shaped cloud and disappeared from sight.


  1. How lovely to find a smile in simple events like these ... methinks it's the secret to happiness.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Did you see Jupiter beaming back at you from the southern sky, too? It gave me something to smile about tonight.

  3. ST - methinks it is too. Simplicity :)

    Norm - hello there :) I'm not sure if it was Jupiter or Venus I noticed but boy, so bright! Lovely :)

  4. You're right; I'm wrong. It's Venus. Jupiter has travelled on west and closer to the horizon. They were within a couple of degrees of one another about 6 weeks ago. I got confused.

  5. They were so close together, it was really cool. In fact, this is what I saw in the sky on my birthday:

    :) I want to go visit the planetarium near me soon. I love looking at the night sky - it really spins me out :)


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