1. Poor kitteh? That kitteh is holding her own. Those puppies are scared of her and mama dog knows it is not in their best interests to cross her.

  2. O mi! Furreh kitteh thing luks lik soo fun to pla wit! Why we not pla wit kitteh, mama?

    (Sorry, my lolspeak isn't terribly fluent yet!)

  3. Fun video ...
    Reminds me of the news clip I saw this morning on ABC where a Dalmation gave birth to 18 PUPPIES!!! Her first litter was apparently 15 puppies. Methinks someone should give this pooch a break ... seriously!
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Barb - she is holding her own but oh, the complaint in holding that position! I just love her miaow :) "Make them GO AWAYYYYYYYYYYY!" And those puppies. Oh, those puppies :)

    Erin - don't you love their floppiness? Reading the comments at LOLCats does my head in. All that LOLSpeak frizzles it up like a dead dog in the desert :)

    ST - wow, so she's had 33 puppies. Someone spey the poor girl :) Oh, imagine seeing that litter of 18 puppies! Those sorts of things just turn me into a 4 year old :)


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