Where the Hell is Matt?

Monday, 26 January 2009

Remember that dude who did a whole lot of travelling and began recording himself doing his funny little dance in many different countries? And how it just touched something in people, for some reason, so that he became really famous and then ended up totally cashing in like a bastard doing some advertisement for something and just ruining it for everybody because turns out he's just as greedy as everybody else out there fucking the world up with greed (ie. us)?

Remember him? Well, he's redeemed himself a bit in my critical and judgmental eyes with this latest lot :) I don't know what it is about this. It's silly. But despite that, they still kinda move me anyway :)


  1. I've seen that before somewhere...and I am wondering where he gets all that money to travel... I mean the parabolic flight? That's not cheap. Also wondering if he needs an assistant...I've never been ANY Of those places...oh, did he do Seattle? I've been there...

  2. He was in Montreal! That was the one with umbrellas. Go figguh!

    It is touching in its own goofy way.

  3. Hmm... paradox of this messed up world. To accomplish something, sometimes you have to appear to 'sell out.' There is something very deeply beautiful about this....

  4. Erin - I was wondering that too. I mean, maybe the Visacard or whatever commercials have funded this lot of travel, but what about the first lot when he was in all those countries? I wonder if he has a job that entails a lot of travel. But yeah, I'll come along. As his assistant, do you need an assistant?

    Yeah, the only place I've been to out of that bunch is Sydney. I think I'd rather go to Christmas Island and dance with a whole lot of crabs :) (ones on the sand, not attached to me)

    Barb - go figguh, huh? :) It is goofily touching, despite my cynicism :)

    KG - well, the thing is he didn't sell out at the start. At the start it was just something he began doing off his own bat, his funny little dance, to note the different places he'd been. It was AFTER that, and it became big on YouTube, that he picked up the Visa gig. I have an abhorrence for sticking your name on advertisements. It feels totally like cashing in to me. This though on its own - it's just something touching :)


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