Monday, 23 February 2009

There are four kittens after all, I discovered today. God knows there's enough noise going on under my house for there to be four, bangings and thumpings. I don't know what they're doing under there, but it sounds fun. I like how they run in monochrome from black, to darker tabby, to light tabby. They are very pretty pusses, are they not? I am glad to see they are all still here after all, while a bit bewildered at the same time, but you know, what am I gonna do, not feed them?

Well, I did forget to feed them last night. I was feeling ill after an aborted bike ride. I guess eating McDonald's before riding, on top of just getting your period, is a bit of a recipe for dizziness and nausea and riding disaster. Bummer :( Managed to get in 15 minutes in the You Yangs before being sidelined.

I don't handle physical things stopping me from doing what I want very well, even after all those years of practice. Today, I still feel dizzy around the edges. I really need to get my ears checked out. I think the insect-in-the-ear scenario has done something to my balance and made the whole thing worse.

As a result of not feeding the kittens last night, they were hungry today and I've managed to get these shots from out the playroom window. They are getting a bit less wary, I have to say. Might have them purring on the couch come winter yet ;)


  1. Ooooh they are GORGEOUS! I'm so jealous. I have a plain orange tabby and a pretty calico, but these babies are lovely!

  2. They are just beautiful. Let's hope you do get them purring on the sofa by winter time - they're irresistible! Good job you're on the other side of the world, or we'd be offering to take one home ;-)

  3. Absolutely darling, Sue. Thank you for posting their pictures. They must be getting used to you for them to sit still for photos. Is their mother a tabby?

  4. I could Fedex one over to each of you. I'm sure it would arrive alright :)

    How old do you think they are? I'm figuring about four months old maybe. I know cats can start breeding at six months. I really need to work out what I'm going to do. I don't like at all the thought of the animal catchers coming to get them, but if I can't catch them and tame them and get them speyed, the alternative is what my cousin and I were laughing about last night - me standing at the door of my house with 486 cats running around everywhere :)

  5. Hi Barbara. Well, I'm not so sure if they just couldn't see me very well looking out the window. Maybe the light was reflecting off, because when I went to look before, one looked up, saw me, and skedaddled. So ... hmmm, don't know how used to me they really are. Long process, methinks. One best pursued when a giant dog isn't around, haha :)

  6. Forgot to answer your question, Barb. No, their daddy must be a tabby. The mother is grey and white splotches. Which makes you wonder where the black one comes from, doesn't it. Can cats have genetic throwbacks the way humans do? Or perhaps I am harbouring two separate families of kittehs. Which would be good - spread out the gene pool for when they begin their world domination by cats assault :)

  7. Sue has begun her slow and dark descent into the world of...

    (cue ominous music)

    the crazy cat lady...

  8. Ohhh, the kitties!! I told Maggie all about them (she looves kittens)
    great pics! I'll have to show her tomorrow :D

  9. Cats? Throwbacks? You bet! Cows too, come that ;-)

    Can't remember enough of my college genetics to summarise neatly, but there's a brilliant set of pages here. Much better than anything I could do...

    Love to the little moggies


  10. ooohhh...i am definitely considering the fedex option! i am really having a yearning for another furry creature in my household!!


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