Women, Menstrual Cycles and the Moon

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Okay. That's stopped the blokes from reading :)

I have a question for you women who aren't using birth control. Just wondering how many of you have your little friend visiting at the moment :)

My art therapist told me that most women get their periods when the moon is in its waning period, or when it's a new moon. Which is kinda cool, because then it means that when the moon is full and the earth is silvery, we are all ovulating and feeling sexy :)



  1. Yes! the research begins ...you know about my cycle!

  2. LOL "ovulating and feeling sexy..."

  3. Interesting theory, but I'm "regulated" to help prevent migraines.

    I'm curious if anyone else will answer.

  4. as erin says 'regulated' for similar reasons
    but due to some increasing health issues have to consider becoming de-regulated :-)
    considering the hormonal hell our house is about to enter, shall have to tell mr x about the moon theory
    sure he'll rush out and get a moon calendar

  5. this bloke could answer that based upon observing the four women I live with and the 20 I work with :)

    hehe....but I won't.

  6. Hmm... never paid attention, when I was having them. Haven't had them for a while... :-)

  7. Well, that was a singularly unsuccessful experiment then, wasn't it :D

    LOL Kel :)


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