Old Dogs and Old CD's

Monday 13 April 2009

Lester and I went walking a bit earlier than usual today. Needed to fit in a long one, considering we are coming up to the midweek slab of working days where there is no time for walking, the night already upon us when I get home.

It sure was warm, though. Overdid the walk a bit, I think. It's just that it takes me so long to get going, once I start and the endorphins kick in, sometimes I don't want to stop. Halfway through our walk, Lester plonked himself down on the shady footpath outside someone's home in a side street. So I sat down too and we had a rest for a few minutes. A curious small dog's nose poked through, wondering what we were doing. Lester is ten now, an old man panting hard. We celebrated his birthday earlier in the week. Two lamb shanks.

We resumed walking again, the dog smartly slowing down considerably in the areas that were shaded by trees, speeding up in the sun to get to the next blotch of shade. We walked past a teenage boy, singing and dancing to his iPod in the shade of the carport next to his house. He looked and sounded like he was getting ready to audition for the next boy band. He slowed down considerably, too, when we walked past :)

Further up, a house on the corner of a street which gets a lot of through traffic. There are lights on the corner, a servo across the road. A very uninspiring spot. I saw the woman who lives there the other day, smiling friendly when I walked past. Her entire front yard is devoted to the growing of watermelons. Heaps of them. Must be about a hundred on her front lawn, the ground covered with different shades and varieties of carpet to keep the weeds out. She used to ingeniously hang an array of old CD's hung above the watermelons to keep the birds away. I wonder what happened to them?

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