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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

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This hedgehog looks like it was created in a Disney studio somewhere, doesn't it? It boggles me that it is real!!!

Look at his/her shape, colour. Those spikes! That little face!

I cheers myself up with hedgehogs this morning before I goes to work :)


  1. (Tho I don't think I'd share my bed with him. Just sayin'.)

  2. In a sexual way? You mean you wouldn't have sex with a male hedgehog? No, neither would I, I don't think. A female one, I might. When it comes to hedgehogs, I'm a lesbian.

    No, I'm not drunk. I'm at work and bored out of my poor little skully skull skull

  3. Um, I meant in a cuddly kitten sort of way. You gotta get your mind out of the gutter, girl!

  4. Well, then, try having an empty bed for more than two years and then see if you don't start seeing sexual opportunities behind every hedge ... and hedgehog :)

  5. Wow, never expected to find the above topic here in the comments!!! :)

    I always wanted one of these as a pet but they are illegal here. So are ferrets. Bummer.

  6. I know, Barbara, it just took that strange weird turn that my head glitches into at times ;)

    Ferrets are illegal there? Really? I wonder why that is. We don't even HAVE hedgehogs here or else I would like to get one as a pet. The closest thing is an echidna, and I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have those as pets here too. So much illegality, keeping us from strange animal pets :)

    I would like a monkey, and a carpet snake. I'd also really really like a cockatoo because they're smart and affectionate and very, very intelligent with their own personalities. But they screech fit to wrench your ears out of their sockets sometimes, so maybe not until I move to the country and eat a lot of peaches

  7. Good grief, you hedgehog lesbian, you.

  8. He is gorgeous!! I love echidnas but hedgehogs reign in cuteness stakes!

  9. this hedgehog is so cute

    and speaking of sex, one of the most googled-into-my-blog posts is "sex life of an echidna"

    there are some weird people [in here] out there!


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