Wednesday 24 June 2009

Several months ago I was phoning chemists trying to find molecular iodine. It's sort of difficult to get, but I have found it very helpful for my thyroid, to help get it going again.

Was starting to get sort of paranoid, wondering why this particular pharmacist was being rude and giving me the third degree about why I would want it.

Turns out, I find out just now as I am transcribing a police interview with someone caught with a clandestine laboratory - ie. cooking up methamphetamine in a frypan in his garage - that the two main ingredients of this charming little substance are pseudoephedrine and iodine.

It's all come clear to me now :)


  1. heh-heh
    no wonder pharmacy man was being cagey . . .

  2. Yeah, it all maketh to maketh much sense now :)


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