In-Between Days

Thursday 25 June 2009

I love people who are openly sitting in the in-between days. There is a beauty about our truth-questing which is delightful to see. And a courage too. It feels like you are being so stretched out of shape that your fibres will disperse. It feels like everyone is against you (and because of what you are leaving, the people who have not got up the courage to begin the walk themselves will demonise you as you walk. As they must).

I love that my friend Erin wrote this post, and I love what she quoted from in that post:

I have found in most circumstances, a complete divorce from the cult-god is necessary. Getting to this point is the hard part because most people are terrified of what might happen if they were to actually abandon the god they grew up with. They also fear the in-between time where they won't have a god at all. This is precisely why most of us opt to fix the cult-god rather then leave him altogether. Unfortunately, fixing him is not an option, so divorce and complete abandonment is the only option.
Sometimes it takes my breath away to think of what could be. Of what once was. Of what I believe, with all of those frayed fibres, is what God is leading us to. To himself. To the truth.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your last statements. Here's hoping.

  2. Yeah, here's hoping. Sometimes I think hoping is everything. People who have hope, they stick out like dog's balls in this society :)


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