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Thursday 25 June 2009

I just ordered this book today, in my quest to make the world more talkative (and to make myself broke with continuously ordering books online. Try, however, here, for a good place to do so):

Salons: The Joy of Conversation

A Touch Taste Smell Salon with attached gallery. That sounds good :)


  1. Hey, my kinda salon is all about the joy of conversation :)

  2. This looks good. I remarked at our reading group last week that these days, almost all the books I buy and read are recommendations from one or other of my blogging friends. The internet really has changed my reading habits, and not just in terms of ease of buying.

  3. Kent - haha, yes, I thought of your salon when I saw the title to this book ;)

    Tess - yes, I'm in total agreement. I think every book I have ordered recently has been due to seeing or reading something online. It's cool, the linkages, isn't it :)


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