Tree Fix

Saturday 25 July 2009

Birch trees at the Olinda Arboretum

Room to breathe


  1. Beautiful. They are our brothers and sisters.

  2. ok!! Im off to Olinda tomorrow...never realised how many gorgeous birch trees were up there. They are one of my favourite trees me thinks!
    I remember riding a little steam train through hundreds of them in the Lakes was heaven!

  3. Erin - you're such a hippy, LOL ;) Yes, they are our brothers and sisters, aren't they. I thought of you when I was there because there was a sign for a stand of sequoia treess. There's tons of them around your parts, if my remembrance of The Shack is anything to go by :) Next time I am there I am going to go visit them :)

    CB - there's just a stand of them, or a couple of different varieties, I think. It's definitely worth a visit, but the birch trees you need to go past the first big carpark and take a first left.

    That sounds like a lufferly steam train ride. They are amazing trees, aren't they. So white ...

  4. I have been in the hippy groove lately. Listening to Janis, watching specials on tv about woodstock and the summer of's a phase.

  5. Must be summertime, Erin :) You said you watched Point Break a few weeks ago - that's a summer thing for me, too :) enjoy!


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