Tuesday 18 August 2009

I chatted last night to my blog bud Manuela, who has moved into an intentional community several hours from her house. She is excited, full of happiness and fervour and is nagging imploring me to find something like this myself, she's that happy :) Haha.

Well, I must say, though that particular flavour is not mine, the whole intentional community idea has been something I've contemplated on and off for many years. Talking to Manu last night about it has set the fire burning again. One of my workmates was back after holidays today, the first time I've seen her in a month. She is a Buddhist nun, lives in a community in Montrose. I chatted with her today about the things that scare me silly about such an idea but the way she talked about it, it was definitely a doable thing. She has been living this way for over 10 years now.

Of course, the thing that concerns me the most about a thought like this is the lack of solitude. I mean, I am seriously almost a hermit. I can go for three or four days without seeing anyone and be fine with it.

She pointed out that there is plenty of space within a larger intentional community to disappear for days on end if need be.

But I don't know if I want an entire community. I was thinking I would like to try the idea of an intentional share house, say start off with five or six people and see how I went from there. The thought occurred to me early this afternoon and the more I thought about it the more I contemplated a share house for solitudinal people who need plenty of space could not only work but could be a cool thing. Maybe it could work. A shared house for creative contemplatives. Christians please but no doctrine definitions, the grottier and more real the better. Two rooms for each person - one bedroom, one studio. An intentional shared house wanting to share life and creativity together, and to reach out to other people, whatever that could mean.

Is such a thing possible?? It's a terribly scary notion.

I've been dizzy with the romance of the thought all afternoon. I wonder once the reverb has clanged its way in if it will still seem like a possibility to me out the other end or if it will dwindle down to just another possible thought. This afternoon it has buzzed so loud, feeling like a God whisper, a future possibility.

If nothing else, it's given me a real buzz for the afternoon.


  1. Oh this is very interesting! I've been toying with such an idea myself on and off. Pity you're in Aus 'cos I might take you up on it.

    I think there are huge advantages to community and I've also seen lay communities torn apart because of different ideas over leadership etc. I'm sure this is more of a problem with the larger communities (leadership models I mean).

    Please keep us posted, if you do it I shall watch with interest!

  2. Tess - oooh, really? That's interesting. It's a very scary thought, isn't it.

    I certainly will keep you posted if I do anything about it. I hope, if this is somethign good for one or both of us, that we would throw caution to the wind and do it :)


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