Friday Spaces

Friday 28 August 2009

I love the Fridayness that seeps through Friday. No hint of the Tuesdayness gone before or the Mondayness to come. Fridayness is sweet anticipation of the absence of work and the presence of maybe a bit of fun, a bit of relaxation, a bit of creative playing.

Anticipation isn't just about positive formations; it's also about the absence of negative formations, gooberly spaces like work :) Those absences form large shapes that you can fling yourself against like giant balloons full of bouncy air that propel you into life. Or at least, that's the aim.

It's funny to me how much of life is made up of negative spaces. How much of growth is about discarding. There is so much space in even solid objects. There is space enough inbetween the particles of the wooden CD rack in front of me to go flying in reams of possibility. Somehow, the wood is totally woodish even though many of the parts that make it up are bits of nothing.

Doth that not blow thy mind?

Or doth I think too much :)

I am finding myself in the midst of a particularly large bout of futility in trying to describe what I mean to people. I realise only afterwards, sometimes days later, that in the name of economy and not boring my hearer I have left out such big chunks of how I got from point A to point F in my thinking that in the end I explain nothing at all.

And so a conclusion reached which involved hours of contemplation, an idea which has been distilled down to something which is a precious thing, an understanding reached, a clarity which is now able to be squeezed into my Facebook status ... and it becomes meaningless in its brevity! It's quite funny, in a way!

Many and many giant and colourful and mysterious things are too big and puffy to fit into anybody's Facebook status. There's something incredibly comforting about that :)

Happy Friday, bloggers!

Art: Cori Dantini at IndieFixx


  1. Just popped over here on a whim from ken's site. Loved the musings, but was kind of creeped out in a sort of time travellers space time continuim, thing when reading about fridayness on Thursday, if that makes anysense to you.

    Cheers Jon

  2. Happy Friday to you too. I am going to be gone all weekend but will catch up with you next week.

  3. Jon - thanks for dropping by :) Yeah, I understand the creeped out thing. It creeps me out that we are all travelling round on a giant ball. I mean, seriously, how bizarre is that?? :)

    Barbara - hello mah deyah. I trust you are continuing to enjoy your Wisconsonian adventures. Hope whatever you guys do is fun and I will catch you up next week for a chat :)


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