Thursday, 27 August 2009

- When right and wrong are united, I experience compassion.

- When love and hate are united, I experience forgiveness.

- When good and bad are united, I experience non-judgment.

- When male and female are united, I experience balance.

- When hope and despair are united, I experience trust.

- When Heaven and earth are united, I experience peace,and joy.

And when I see that, I can enjoy this world around me far MORE than when I used to fear it as "evil"...!
~ Dena

Nice one :)


  1. Isn't it just superb, Sue?:) It all gives me a joyful 'thump' in my soul that says Yes! Dena gets it - she's the real deal.

    And I enjoy coming here to grin/cry along with you at the absurdities of Life As We Know It, Jim. You get me thinking about stuff I'd probably never consider otherwise. You sound like a post-modern (or is that emergent?;)) hermit, which is probably the closest you could get to labelling me:)



  2. Harry - thank you for coming back to my blog :) Isn't it time you started your own???? ;) It is superb, what Dena writes here, and while some of it I am exploring and have explored, there are elements that remain yet future, a few things I don't quite understand. That's always delicious :) A post-modern hermit, huh? Well, I guess that's a good thing to be! :) I do want to balance mine out more with greater outward focus, but it is a delicious state, that's for sure :)

    Lucy - it's grrrrrreat, isn't it.

    Cole - yes. Dontcha love chewing on interesting concepts? :)

  3. Sue - I'm convinced it's the heart that understands, not the mind. The mind has a million reasons for not accepting what the heart gets straight away, and I - that is, my heart - must 're-mind' the mind, which I see as a precious tool of the heart and not its master. I never trust my mind alone on anything, 'cos it allways has an agenda based on all the input it's had over the years.

    And I find the deeper I go, the more connected to everything and everyone 'out there' I become, and the clearer are all the lies we've been fed for so long. Let your heart lead you... but then I sense I probably don't need to say that to you:)

    As for starting my own blog, well... ya never know;)




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