How to piss me off really easily

Thursday 13 August 2009

If I am standing waiting in front of an elevator, and you walk up and press the button, I will become irritated at you. I will wonder what sort of a dickhead you are for presuming without any prior evidence to the contrary that I am the sort of dickhead that would be standing in front of an elevator just for the fun of it.

That annoys me way beyond what it should :)


I am tempted to delete this post, haha, because people will come onto my blog and think, "Sheesh, what a bitch" or "She calls herself a Christian" or stuff like that. I am tempted to delete it so I can convince you I am really shiny and never petty.

But I'm not going to :) Take me as I am in all my mess, or bugger off :) Harrrrrrrrrr


  1. Have you ever stopped to consider that the person pushing the button has some sort of obsessive need to push the button even if its already been pushed just because they don't think the elevator would come unless they push the button themselves?

  2. Well, yes, I do consider such things. However, on certain days like today I remain pissed off because ... well, because the human race, with its stupid propensity towards ridiculous obsessions and mental illness is grating, like a giant piece of cheese :)

    (Of course, the "way more than I should" elements comes in because (1) who really cares if someone else needs to press the button 14 times? Pity them in their OCDness and (2) it doesnt matter anyway and (3) I have really annoying habits myself and should love my fellow human instead of disliking them.

    But you know :) Some days it's just easier to think someone's a dickhead :)

  3. One day it'd piss you off the next you may just laugh at how strange we all are. I tend to seesaw between the two..

  4. I know the need. I am in that mood now after reading your latest post. I want to rant and rave about society and what a bunch of selfish, greedy immortal a-holes seem to control the majority of EVERYTHING.

  5. Or maybe they want to go the opposite direction and have to press the button?

  6. Remind me never to ride an elevator with you. :)

    I completely agree with Barbara about how people always have to push the button again, even when it's lit up already. Like maybe the things will arrive more quickly if 9 people push it?

  7. No, Tyler, it was the bottom floor so the only way was up.

    Still, I have to say this - that the light doesn't light up for that button so they have no way of knowing whether it's actually working or not.

    And so here comes the tiny smidgeon of trust that in a functioning and not moronically stupid society you would grant to the person who is standing in front of the lift waiting for it to come.


    Boy I'm not even premenstrual but I'm feeling really angry lately about this pathetic stupid world and the shithouse way we humans function in it

    blerggggh aaaggggghhh

  8. well then you would hate my husband, he pushes incessantly and I complain voiciferously about it!!!!

  9. Oh, vociferous button pushing gives me a headache!!! :)


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