Shitty Priorities?

Wednesday 12 August 2009

I was planning on catching up with an old school friend on Friday night. She's cooking dinner and having a few mutual friends over and invited me last Saturday. I just realised my football team are playing on Friday night. I am too guileless to lie (and I can't be stuffed trying to keep in my head what lie I told whom) but perhaps I'm a little too honest :) This is the text message I sent:

Hey love i just realised its the footy on Fri nite so I am going to that - which is an awful but non negotiable fact about me and socialising in the winter months :) I am planning on catching up with Deb in the coming weeks so maybe we can catch up then if ur not too offended with my priorities :)

Her response included some kisses but also a reminder that my football team is down and out. Haha.

One thing I like about getting older - learning to make less apologies for the more unpalatable aspects of my personality, like shitty priorities :)

How about you. Would you text me back and say "shove your friendship up your bum"?


  1. eeeew.. I would not put it that way but then I am pretty uptight LOL

    I would probably laugh and say, "Oh duh, I should have known, I hope they lose and you miss a good party for nothing. HA! Cry in your beer, mate!"


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