Riding the Wind

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I read this yesterday from Kent. Then I went to my art therapy class yesterday and Maggie said in passing something about being free to ride the wind. And it was like I felt it rustling through my insides:

Let go of the mistaken notion of certainty and the false sense that it in some way makes you secure and you might be surprised when the familiar "fixed" view you have had of things begins to be dismantled and following the Spirit who is like the wind begins to look not only doable...but actually exciting and awe producing in it's simplicity.

I am so aware - in awe, really - of how much there is that I do not know. Of how much things change when you are willing to sit with the disparities of what is. The beauty of small steps, of small things, of lives lived quietly, of the beauty of solitude and the warmth of friendship. Of the wonderment I spy, sometimes, of an everyday life, of the way it is right for my life to fit me.

The beauty that flows underneath everything is like silk, like chocolate, like strength, like love, like discipline all rolled into one. We become ever so incrementally mouldable under its gaze.

Pic: Never Alone by aussiepatches

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  1. "It is the night, my body's weak.
    I'm on the run, no time to sleep.
    I've got to ride, ride like the wind, to be free again."

    Sorry, but you put that song in my head.

    I love the wind. It's become very nearly my favorite element, second only to the sun. And I don't only mean that literally (which I do), but metaphorically as well.


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