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Saturday, 8 August 2009

I am a morning person trapped in a night owl's body. I had a 9.30 chiro appointment before and so was walking the streets with Lester half an hour later. I'm sure 10am is late for morning people but I'll take what I can get. There has to be a reasonable sort of a balance for me to get out of the house exercising by 10am. I really appreciate it when I do. And so 10 is late, but it's early for me, and even at that time of the morning I could feel the ends of the frost that had covered everything earlier when the real morning people, like the girl in the health food shop, were up at 6.30.

I love the concept; the practice just doesn't happen because night time comes and I'm alert and creative and going to sleep is a silly idea.

An old woman stopped me on the street to admire Lester and his youthfulness. I told her about how he was actually 10, and how he'd been a death row dog. She told me about her daughter who lives in the country and who always adopts the death row dogs. Often she has four. She only has two at the moment so she is in line to rescue another couple from the needle. Lester just said, "Whee!" and looked expectantly at me to start walking again.

"Gee, he's a big bloke!" said an old man to me as we climbed in the car.

Sunny late winter mornings get people talking, don't they :)

I went to Yarraville Village today, a trendy inner-city high wealth suburb where resides Plump, the organic grocery. I've decided to go organic again with my veggies that I buy (which is most of them, at the moment. I have been too late to plant some things and so I've missed out on kale this year, which I love. I do have plenty of seedlings coming up though, which is kinda cool).

It's funny how expensive organic food is and how crummy it looks compared to the supermarket stuff. Supermarket tomatoes are gas ripened and hence look really good and just like a tomato but taste like styrofoam.

I plan to grow tomatoes this year. I have strawberries planted but I am not sure exactly what they are up to. I pray for my strawberry plants because there's nothing like real live unsprayed ripe strawberries to guts on to give me anticipation for summer.

At Plump I bought a whole lot of stuff, like organic tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, and kale, which is really yummy, and spinach and carrots and bok choy. I bought bok choy even though I have it growing in my garden. Even though it's the only ripe pickable thing growing in my garden! What a dill! (Yes, I did have some dill growing, actually. Must plant me some more :)

My brainfades are weird. Every now and then I get a bit of dust in my hard drive and I do weird things the way I did the other day when my Mum and me went to Imax. She got a choc top ice cream. I got a medium popcorn and a bag of chocolate coated honeycomb. For some strange reason I had it in my head that Mum wouldn't want any of the chocolate (which is bizarre, because even though my mum is fitter and less of a pig than me, why would you not have any chocolate???) And so I ate the entire bag of chocolate covered honeycomb. Afterwards, while we were walking through the Carlton Gardens and climbing in amongst the tree trunks, my Mum quite rightly told me off for eating all of the chocolate myself.

"I thought I brought you up better than that, to share," she admonished me. She was very surprised that I had eaten it all myself.

And she was right. I didn't mean it though - I tried to explain the brain glitch, the dust in the hard drive. It felt amusing being admonished by my mum when I'm nearly 40. Sort of comforting, you know? :)

Just as long as she resists spitting on a handkerchief and wiping my face with it, we'll be right :)

Happy Saturday bloggers


  1. what an interesting collection of topics in one post:

    night owl
    death row
    organic produce
    eternal mothering

    hmm - perhaps I shall try to summarise my weekend in topics too
    could be interesting this weekend with all that's on...

    the tension between buying organic produce and eating a whole bag of chocolate covered honeycomb, well it just makes me smile

    in recognition

  2. Yeah, haha, bit far ranging in my topic choice, hey :)

    I didn't see the link between organic produce and sugary confectionery, haha :) But if I wait till I get the sugar thing under control to eat organic, I'll be waiting a while :)

    Actually, I've been thinking today about our scientific focus on things and how different foods are healthy one week and unhealthy the next depending upon what the latest scientific discovery is. I've been eating a few eggs lately and I can't remember if it's gonna help me live longer or kill me quicker ;)

  3. Hey Sue,

    I like Kel's list - it's like one of those "found poems". I was thinking as I was reading, this post is all over the place...but in a good way. It brought up all kinds of good memories - of searching for the perfect tomato, of the first time I bought bok choy, of walking out the door to church as a child, & hearing my mother say "Let me give you a spit bath"! Well, maybe not all good memories, but any post with a rescue dog & chocolate in it, gets my attention.

    I smiled, too, at the contrast of buying organic, and eating a bag of chocolates. That sounds like me (and most of my friends).

    I agree with the egg comment. I've added one here and there. For awhile, their P.R. was so bad, I would eat one, and think ,I'm taking a year off my life.

  4. Sherry - sometimes it feels like my head is all over the place :) Too much in one post! Less is more!! :)

    Yeah, the whole egg thing, I was just complaining to Erin about it before in another comment. Why is it that scientists can experiment on something, say an egg, and get all these deductions from it that it contains this X amount of whatever, and then deduce from there that it's therefore totally bad. But they don't know what else may be in the egg that's as-yet undiscovered that would turn the found evidence on its head.

    I'm sick of listening to them, gonna just try and eat what my body says to eat :)

    You were subjected to a spit bath as well, huh? Haha! :) I swear, I told my mum I have a memory of a spit bath and she swore black and blue that she never did that to me. So maybe it was imagination posing as memory, maybe? Or maybe my mum is just LYING! :)

  5. Sorry to share this but one of our gov't agencies just released a study showing ZERO difference between eating regular vs organic.

    Ah, Mom's, eh?? I still know when I'm in REAL trouble - when she uses my full name and the volume is rising with each syllable.

    I think chocolate should be a food group in and of itself, and requiring 3 or 4 healthy servings a day.

  6. I bet that government agency is doing a study somewhere else on why everyone keeps getting cancer. It's not so much that organic is better in itself, it's that I don't want to eat food that's had invisible shit sprayed all over it :) And I don't need a government department to tell me that.

    I'm sick of government agencies telling me things. I've been wondering about that lately, about what role the government plays in things. I'm too tired to rant about it but it sort of interests me - what is it actually there for? How far should its tentatcles reach? (I sound like a right-winger but I'm actually a left-winger, if I'm anything.

    Ahhh, politics. Who can be bothered discussing politics? I'm too tired. Hand me some chocolate, Norm :)


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