Love Will Find a Way

Wednesday 9 September 2009

I was quite enamoured with West Coast America hard rock in my early twenties. Used to gel my hair up and go to the Cathouse in my black velour leggings with my black floppy foreskin boots. Lufferly. But Geez Louise, what a sexist culture. Seriously, give a bunch of young blokes a culture where it's almost required to behave like sexist pigs, and they will.

Still, the music lives on beyond the godawful clothes and this song is still a favourite of mine.


  1. Marge Piercy's book Vida portrays elements of the political side of that culture well (from memory, it's a long time since I've read it). In other words the guys were the political activists and the girls were either fellow activists (which meant they slept with whichever guys wanted them) or activist groupies (which meant... you guessed it!).

    But I loved the hair.

    Er, what in the world are foreskin boots?

  2. Tess - ooh, that sounds like an interesting read, have just had a look at the synopsis. Might have to add it to my list :)

    You know you've said something on your blog you shouldn't when your question, "what in the world are foreskin boots" makes me jolt in my stomach, haha. Such a horrible name, haaah. They were those suede boots (that are back in fashion now, actually; I have a brown pair) that were sort of slouchy, like all scrunched up, kind of like ... well ... umm ...

    :) Gross. Sometimes I gross myself out. But we used to call them that all the time, haha :)

  3. Ah, OK, gottit, know exactly what you mean on the boots!

  4. Ooo hair bands. The messages were sooooo sexist. Girl Girls Girls by Motley Crue? Good grief.

  5. Saw Tesla in concert..For a metal band I thought they were very good. (and still do)

  6. Erin - I know, it's just GROSS. It was gross even then but it's WAY more gross now. The attitudes, just shocking. The amount of women lining up to be treated that way - uncountable. Blergh.

    Drew - oooh, lucky you!!! I understand Tesla are still going, still touring, still making albums. I've sort of fallen off the trail since the album after Love Song (and I can't even remember its name)but yeah, they are so worth keeping up with. A talented bunch of dudes, lucky for you to see them live :)


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