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Saturday, 17 October 2009

You can tell you've been on Facebook a bit too much when you go to type as the first sentence of your blog post: "is amazed at how quickly the day flies."

So I'll start again.

I'm amazed at how quickly the day flies. It is almost 2.30 pm. After a bit of a sleep-in, followed by my customary morning pages, an interwebs chat, a scan of the interwebs, then some meditation followed by a yoga session, I feel awesome ... and am wondering what happened to the morning! By the time I get done with those luxurious-necessary things to start my day my day is almost ... well, finished.

Which is why I too often stay up till 1am :)

I am feeling rich and grateful and a bit trepidatious today. I am feeling rich because there are two books waiting for me at the library on reserve ~ Breath by Tim Winton, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Bliss, peoples. Just bliss.

I am feeling trepidatious because tomorrow I'm going to Marysville, which was one of the villages almost totally destroyed in the fires back in February. I am going to Bruno's Sculpture Garden. The people who have rallied behind this man to help rebuild his sculptures - he must be the type of man who has given much to the people in the first place. He is staying in Marysville to rebuild. He did lose his house and his art gallery, but 60% of his sculptures have survived. Maggie was telling me that a group of people who love him helped comb through the debris like archeologists finding clay fingers and such things to help rebuild some of the pieces. Most survived the heat of the fires (having already surived the heat of the kiln) but were busted apart by falling branches. I am going to be like a Japanese tourist tomorrow, sucking up inspiration into my camera.

I am feeling excited on behalf of my dog because if he was doing anything other than doggishly living in the moment, and if he understood English, he would have heard me yesterday that there is a little mini road trip on the cards for the puppy dog. I am staying up in Marysvlle tomorrow night with my mum - I always make sure I stay in dog-friendly cabins in dog-friendly caravan parks :)

I am feeling grateful that I am coming out of hibernation and back into circulation. I went to the fundraiser for the St Kilda Gatehouse last night. The Gatehouse has been providing support to street workers for the past 17 years; Louisa has been superlatively working there as a support worker for the past 6 months. I am looking forward to going down there and meeting the women and volunteering some of my time. We all need each other so much. This world is too beautiful and too awful to do it alone. People need people.

(What they do not need, Radio Susie, is segues into Barbra Streisand numbers. You just keep yourself out of it, thanks very much).

As a bonus, last night I saw the maestro singing storyteller Mr Paul Kelly sing a couple of songs. No surprises he opened with From St Kilda to Kings Cross, with updated references to reconstructed beaches. And he finished with one of my favourite songs of all, How to Make Gravy. Loveliness. Gratefulness for sharing of gifts.

Hey, happy Saturday, bloggers!

(ΠΣ¨ Ι ςαντεδ το τυπε μορε ον τηισ ποστ βθτ σομεηος Ι ηαωε πρεσσεδ τηε ψομβινατιον οφ βθττονσ τηατ ηαωε τθρνεδ μυ Ενγλιση ιντο Γρεεκ. Πρεττυ φθψκινγ αννουινγ, ρεαλλυ!!!!)

Translation: ("PS: I wanted to add more on this post but unfortunately I have pressed some buttons so that I am typing in Greek. Pretty fucking annoying." Or words to that effect. Luckily it's taken me a bit quicker to work out how to change it back than the last time I accidentally pressed Alt Shift :)


  1. i look forward to reading of your marysville adventure and seeing some photos

  2. Hey! Some days it's all Greek to me. No worries - it gets better.

  3. Kel - packed the camera, girded the loins, looking forward to it.

    Norm - yeah, you're right. Life gets better

  4. I'm looking forward to evidence of your tourist activities, too. Camera clicks!

  5. Hey Sue,

    What a weekend! Bruno's sculptures fascinate me. I only discovered them last year, & was sorry to hear some had been lost in the fires.

    I spent time reading about St. Kilda Gatehouse. There's never any money to be made in groups like this, but the work they do - is priceless.

    I'm so glad Lester gets to have a road trip. Looking forward to your photosgraphs. (Need more close ups of Lester!).

  6. Erin - the photos haven't turned out all that well but I do plan on putting up some of them in a few posts this week.

    Sherry - it was sad to see some of the sculptures blackened, and there were some spots in the garden where there were photos put up. I wish I had been there when the garden was in its glory, would have been amazing. But even so, the garden is taking shape once more, new things have been planted. His sculptures are gorgeous and I am inspired :)


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