Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I woke up this morning feeling as I so often do lately like I have been having a conversation with myself or with God or something while I have been asleep. This morning I woke up and felt like I understood a tiny bit more why Francis of Assisi so loved Lady Poverty.

But now, standing empty-handed, I nevertheless covet, dribblingly. I dream of devisings to creep over to England and under cover of darkness sneak into Tess's house and steal her clock.

How totally bloody awesome is that? (The clock, not my desire to pilfer).

Made from a piece of yew wood by the wildly talented Rima Staines.


  1. i thought you might like that

    does it remind you of someone else we both know?

  2. If they catch you sneaking into my house, my cats will savage your ankles!!!

    Good, innit?

  3. Oh covet covet covet!! That clock is amazing :) and now Ive bookmarked Rima's blog because it's so fascinating and what I'd like to do in another around in a wooden house on wheels :) Her artwork is just beautiful.

  4. i think it might be worth seeing what "cats savaging ankles" looks like....

  5. I now am packing in my suitcase some shin guards like they were in soccer, and some catnip. I'll see how I go :)

    Does it remind me of Louisa, Kel? No, not really :) Of Bruno? (Not that I know him but) ... well, yes. Of Maggie? Yes. Wasn't sure who you were referring to, hah :)

    Andi - I need to get over and read more of her blog. Travelling about in a wooden house is just ... well, you wonder why the roads aren't full of wooden houses, don't you :)


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