What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Police have shot a man - who has now died in hospital - after a confrontation with him at his home. The reason they showed up in the first place? He was attempting self harm.

That's a sad case if irony if ever I heard.



  1. Ive seen the other side of the coin with this kind of stuff now.

  2. That is very weird in a sad sad way...


  3. Barbara - It's awful. I was talking to someone about it at work yesterday and he said there is a name for it - "suicide by cop". If indeed that is what happened. So sad :(

    Urbanmonk - You must come across so many traumatic things in your line of work. Eek.

    CB - Must be so awful being the cops in that situation. Especially when people like me automatically presume they're the bad guys :\

    Jon - Do I know you? Are you the Something Else Jon or are you ... well, someone else? :) Yes, it is awful.

  4. I guess I'd know if I was the something else Jon. I'm just Jon I drop by on occasion from the West Coast of Canada. I know of you from TGJ forum and Kent's blog. I love your raw honesty about who you are and your journey, and the fact that you cuss on your blog:) Must be an Aussie thing. I'll keep dropping by and leaving comments on occasion. I have to beat a teenager and preteen child of the computer before I get my turn... Sigh so its usually very early in the morning when I get my time. Love what I read here.

    Cheers Jon

  5. I guess you would know if you were the something else Jon, wouldn't you. Unless of course it was you and he was an as-yet-unidentified multiple personality of yours.

    But no, this other Jon lives in Minnesota, so I think you're safe :)

    Thanks for saying hi and for yoru compliments. I don't think you should encourage me about the cussing thing though :0)

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  7. Hi Anonymous. I don't know what you mean. This is my blog, it's not a forum. The only moderator on it is me :)

  8. Sue ~ This is a terrible thing and one of the things that we face pretty much every day. There wasn't enough information there to say that it was actually "suicide by cop" but that is a common means.

    However, back to the subject at hand, it's a sad paradox that we go into these situations with the intent to help someone but in the end, when it comes down to them or us, I'm going home to my family every night.

    It's a crazy crazy existence


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