Bah! And Other Bruises

Tuesday 22 December 2009

I'm so sick of Christmas.  Have I mentioned I hate Christmas?

Well, I hate Christmas.




I am not reading anyone's Christmas posts this year.  I am just not interested. 

Part of the reason why I hate Christmas is because of the energy that comes up around about in the leadup.  And the energy I pick up about the whole Christmas thang is stress and sadness.

But then part of that could also be something earthy and energetic and weird and freaky in relation to the solstice.  I know I go a bit unhinged around the Winter solstice (although partly it's just because of the lack of light activates my seasonal affective disordering).  But I remember someone somewhere telling me about energy shifts at the solstices.  Could be something in it.  Could be a weird flaky thing. 

All I know is the leadup to Christmas is making me want to say fuck fuck fuck fuck  be very childish.

Haha :)  I think there are three reasons for me feeling childish.  One is that even my beloved cousin - she of the "I love Christmas" brigade (you should see the outside of their house - coolness) is finding it hard to rouse herself to feel festive this year.  And if she can't then what hope for a scrooge like moi?

The other reason I'm feeling childish this evening is because I am sore.  This morning I kicked the edge of the coffee table so hard that I think I may have broken my little toe.  Joy!!  Just what I feel like, walking lame and halt into my holidays.

Actually, to be honest, even though it's really really sore when I move it, it's really not that bad when I'm sitting still, only throbbing just a little - so maybe therefore I haven't broken it but just badly sprained it.  But oh, it doth puff up, and oh, it doth have bruising all over it.  Here's hoping for multicoloured green and yellow bruise breakouts over the next few days.  I am so childish when it comes to having displayable pained bodily parts.  I show everybody.  "Look at my toe!  Look at my toe!" I told my workmates today.

The third reason I'm feeling childish is that I have just come from my work's Xmas dinner, where I drank two glasses of wine.  It was the first work thing I've actually ventured to, the other two years feeling too emotionally lame and halt  to go to something like a festive eatery.  I'm glad I went there this year, physically halt and lame;  it was nice to chat to some fellow workmates without the confines of our depressing workplace.  It makes me laugh the way we women are.  We sat there and all talked about our marriages and our divorces and stuff - a funny lot, us women.  We just go straight into the deep stuff :)


  1. Is there something about Christmas you dislike then, would you say??

  2. Hey Sue,

    I get the I hate Christmas thing. I actually said that to my wife this year...If marriage were like a political opinion poll, my popularity would have tanked after that comment...What I like are the lights, candles and yes we celebrate advent with the kids. They still get excited about it too. It gets so dark, wet and cold here this time of year, so that the lights and candles brighten and cheer in the midst of darkness.

    But don't get me started on the Christmas songs. Is there no end. The local "Christian Station" has been playing Christmas music almost non stop since the end of the American Thanksgiving. Bruclk, black, wrettch, yuk....


  3. I personally feel like a huge Christmas tree has fallen on me this year. Not my own, because I have none. I guess you just have to be selective. Go places and do things only if they nurture you, otherwise enjoy the quiet of being out of it. Christmas, too, shall pass.

  4. Tess - yes, I'm suspecting that may be the case. One or two or eleventy five things :)

    Zinger - ahh, you are married to one of those people who loves Christmas? My sympathies to thee :D Yeah, the lights and candles are beautiful, aren't they. But they'd still be here even if we didn't have Christmas and then imagine how much more beautiful they'd be! :)

    Ewww, vomit. I'd be giving that statioin a w-i-d-e berth :)

    Barbara - so, is that a good thing, feeling a giant tree has fallen on you? I guess so! :) Well, enjoy. I agree, the wonder of being able to step aside is a most excellent thing. And yes, this too shall pass :)

  5. No, Sue, it is not a good thing. I am still in recovery from two years ago when I bought a tree that would not stand straight no matter which way I turned it. Bruises, tree sap, needle pricks. Christmas trees are evil! Ho! Ho! Ho!

  6. I'm feeling like I'll be shot at for saying so, but I love Christmas. Not the business and the expense and the dark cold rainy (here, anyhow), but I am a hopeless romantic and the lights and the music (I am one of those people who listen to the Christmas radio station, sorry!) and the fires and the food and the reasons to see family and friends...and the expectancy...not of the gifts, but of the changing seasons. Yeah! That rocks!

    But the solstice does a number on me, that's for sure. All melancholy and it's the battle in my soul for who gets control this time of year. This year, Christmas won. The last two years the melancholy won. I was born under Saturn, what can I say?

    OK I have all my armor on, fire away! If my mood is just unsettling to you, feel free to delete offense taken.

  7. Barbara - ahh, I see ... I think? I thought you were speaking metaphorically about good Christmas (being taken over by the amazingness of it) but your metaphor comes from painful reality. So let's get this clear - are you enjoying Christmas are aren't you? :)

    Erin - begone, ye foul wench with your candles and your stupid songs! :)

    Layla - I was so happy yesterday and today to come across several people who are openly Bah Humbugging into the air and I took refuge in their perimeter. It's nearly over, it's nearly over, it's nearly over

  8. I used to like Christmas until I became a postie, but now that foul little man, that chief high priest to the godess greed(Santa Claus)doth irk me greatly. However I must admit that with one day left to work before I'm off for five days,my spirits are soring...True confessions I'm a man and I can change if I have to I guess, but I really do love the feasting.....

  9. Ah, well, posties are going on all sorts of strikes and things down under. Typically Christmas week lead-up :)

    I enjoy the feasting too. What's not to enjoy? I also enjoy the thought of my upcoming holidays. Yummy!! :) May you enjoy yours, Zinger.

  10. At best I live through Christmas. I can never live up to its expectations.


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